5 Tips to Help you Take Action

I’m choosing 2 today, how about you?

I’ve been watching Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins …. have you?

Aside from incredible mental and physical test, they have raised money for stand up 2 cancer , I’ve donated. I’ve been taking notes in my Mind Ninja Journal from each episodes title and Ant Middleton (anyone heard him live yet?). I hope sharing one or two may help you too….. let me know.

1. Courage

Embrace fear and push through it, this is where growth happens.

2. Excuses

Don’t let them define you, let the demons out of the box, they are not you – break your excuses into tiny steps to change, make decisions, commit with consistency and take action.

3. Trust

Learn to trust yourself and those around you, let your walls down yet have clear boundaries. Your ‘team’ is key.

4. Confidence

You have to believe in yourself, stop beating yourself up and start building yourself up.

5. Survival

In your darkest moments, you have to find the light within yourself. You are so much more capable than you realise, dig deep and repeat the steps.

I’m fortunate enough to have many friends and clients in the Armed forces, including one of my best friend’s who was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for his service. With a fraction of insight into what they do, they truly push the limits of our human potential and purpose. This friend has helped me understand the complexities of PTSD, drowning, suicide and also the empathy, compassion, support and joy of communication and friendship. 

I have big respect for all the Armed forces men, women, hounds and horses.

Last Nov I ‘ran’ the Himalayan 100 mile race… I met the Indian Army who were patrolling the route and border with Nepal, it was one tough, breathtaking experience which on some tiny level, involved bravery, team work, overcoming fears and trusting yourself, even when you were hallucinating monks at the check points….but raising money for Mind, Encephalitis and Darjeeling Children’s Trust focused me.

If you fancy this ‘race’ I highly recommend and will help you all the way, pop me a message and visit Himalayan Running – everyone can do this. I’m gently starting to consider my ‘next’ adventure and would love to know what you would like to see me do or create…..

We cannot predict the future, yet today we are alive. Have the courage to say Yes through fear, to live your life with passionate purpose, depth and meaning, trust and hope. Commit to yourself..

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