Being Kind, Why it Matters

‪Being kind is important, but a client said they find it hard… 

‪Kindness is simple little things, and also about boundaries, self worth and the courage to do the hard stuff which will help you. It’s about saying no and still being kind. ‬

Be faithful in small things, because within then lies our strength’ Mother Theresa.

I thought a lot about Caroline Flack and my cousin Jenny last week – suicide is complex, dark, raw, emotive. 

I hope their soul is free, and peace can be found in the chaos for all and anyone you know.

Find the little things which give you light, always choose to be kind, to yourself and others.

As it was Random Acts of Kindness week in February I wanted to share this.

As sometimes being kind is actually doing the hard stuff, setting a boundary, having a tough conversation, getting uncomfortable, committing to change for yourself. Being kind to others is different to accepting behaviour which is not okay, you can be kind and so no. Have a think about this, and if you find being kind to yourself hard, ask yourself how you can be helpful… let me know if I can help.

And remember… If you feel joy today, do share and really feel it. This build resilience for the tough times. 

If you feel darkness, have courage, it will pass. I promise.

It’s hard to ask for help, but if I can help, I am here. If you can’t ask try something to change ‘state’, a walk, music, TV, cooking are simple things which can help. And if you know someone is not okay, check in with them. Don’t overthink it, just share and connect. What helps you? I’d love to know.

Charlie Mackesy’s book is a simple accessible book for anyone, Sunflowers Suicide Support is a special little charity making a difference following suicide, Evelyn the Movie is a movie documentary of a family walking to heal and talk following loss and David Hamilton’s books around kindness are empowering.

Share your magic, ask people to help you, connection is key, hug a dog and have courage to live each day the best you can, with a little magic and mischief as a wise 96 yr old voice coach told me as I prepared for my Tedx Bristol. You matter, love, light and strength.

If you would like help or support just drop me a message.

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