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I hope this finds you and your family really well?  I just wanted to write a mini letter to send you lots of festive joy, and good wishes for a wonderful year ahead.  I used to always put my thoughts together for the Energised Christmas Letter, then in 2013 when weils encephalitis appeared my world has been in a bit of chaos!  Yet chaos, I have learned, gives you so much.  It teaches your patience and trust, compassion, hope, commitment and courage.  So, if your 2016 has been chaos, have faith that things will start to open up and flow.  And if your 2016 has been awesome, make sure you truly embrace and celebrate this, as one never truly knows around the corner. Be present this Festive Time and have the very best time you possibly can…. Love to know your best moment and gift!


For me this year has been developing Energised Performance which celebrated its 12th Birthday in May, wow, time flies!! I can remember plotting ideas when I was at school (a wee while ago!).  Since then we have such varied and wonderful clients, from 16 to 79 years old, from Bristol our base, to Scotland, Kuwait, L.A., Australia, Bali, Dubai, Chicago, Egypt and many other locations!  The wonders of Skype mean that quality coaching is possible anywhere, and that’s really exciting. I have been coaching various CEOs for global companies, working with my celebrity clients including Strictly Come Dancing & Team GB for Rio and now 2020.


I think my real festive thought for you would be this….. if you could make something happen in 2017, what would that be?   No limits, just possibilities.  From that list of things you keep saying you would like to do…. What will you commit to this year?  Write that down now, go on, dare you… take a moment and jot the idea in your diary for 7th January. Then, when you open your diary it will be there reminding you to take action….!


Along with being super grateful for so many brilliant clients from athletes to GP referral, body confidence to life coaching, I have managed to work out how to still achieve things myself and hopefully motivate you in a little way. Having trained in DNA Fitness & Nutrition testing, I have personally really benefited from ‘playing’ with my training to see what is possible.  Based on one run a week, and quality strength sessions I have managed to run the Transylvanian Bear Ultra Marathon, #kims100miles (supposedly in India, but I got knocked clean out by a cyclist whilst walking, so a neck brace and broken elbow but stop to that, but I still walk/jogged the miles!) and completed a monthly 10km for Encephalitis Society Awareness.  This may sound crazy, which it kind of was, but, I totally loved exploring various places and am super proud to say it takes my fundraising total to over £80,000 for charity and gained my Diamond Duke of Edinburgh Award, yippee!


I wonder if you have a goal or event you would like to achieve in 2017?  If you had told me at the beginning of 2016 I would have achieved even one of these, I would have laughed and smiled politely!  Yet, I’ve realised that often you just have to take the first step and the way will gradually open up.  Either allowing you to achieve your goal, or giving you lessons and insights into what you need to do to make it possible. Or perhaps let it go and do something else.  Either way, it creates space and opportunity to move forwards, rather than keep wondering… I wish…… SO if you could, what would you wish to do, and if I can help you, just let me know. Write it down too, or your brain will forget this letter (if it’s got this far!), in the melee of Christmas chaos… go one, dare you… commit.

I have always written many features for magazines, my Ambassador roles for Sweaty Betty, Shock Absorber and other companies. Although I really wanted to write a book to follow the Women’s Fitness Mag Book, I didn’t know how to make it happen.  It’s funny how life happens, as in February this year,

I rescued a great Staffy called Jake! I am his third home, so it’s taken a lot of training and trust, yet he’s so full of joy and life.  Through walking him daily I started to create my of the Hound of Happiness – 52 Tips to Feel Good Book.  I decided, let’s go for this and found a self-publishing coach, took the leap of investment and I’m excited to say that the little book is ready for pre order on our crowdfunding page & both websites.  I hope the tips will help people to let go of doubts and fears, growing their confidence and inner happiness.


This is really just a tiny rambled snap shot of some of the things I’ve been up to.  You are all, often in my thoughts, and I think time, modern society, life challenges and overwhelm can often cause people not to catch up.  I think the last few years have made me realise, even more so, how important life is, how taking a risk and being brave is key. Yet knowing when to pause and allow space for spontaneity or just being, is real awareness.


I suppose my final little thought and action for you is this.  Get in touch with a few friends, who you value, reach out to them and give a random act of kindness, you never know how much it might mean.  Then pause for a moment in January and reflect on what you loved and learned in 2016, and what the truly simple things are that make you happy.  Make sure you create a little time to allow these habits to be nurtured and less helpful ones reduced…. And remember to change something, even if your change is really important, it is different. Change creates chaos, makes things and feelings uncomfortable, yet the outcome and growth is nearly always worth it.  If you would like a little support making changes and growing your confidence, well-being and life happiness, do just pop me an email and find out more.  I always have coaches to support me, I think it makes the difference between uncomfortable accountable action, and wishing, just a thought.


For now, I am sending you all the biggest Festive Joy and New Year Cheer, filled with good health, adventures, wealth, laughter, love and contentment,

Big Energised Powers, Care and Support Always,


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