How my business became 13 years old…..


I’m so Happy to share our 13th Energised Performance Birthday with you and proud of the wonderful Team Energised Spirit we have grown together over the years.

From doodles on my school notebook and ideas with my P.E teacher at McLaren High in Scotland, to the beginnings in my living room in Cirencester to the Energised HQ which is now global! Wow, I love working with you all. Helping you realise your potential, let go of fears, grow your inner confidence, master your mindset and strength, and ultimately, believe in yourself and go do… !


Our clients include such a wide variety of people, all over the World, from Team GB to Strictly Come Dancing, Entrepreneur’s & CEO’s, to people wanting to achieve something special, make a change and truly feel confident in mind and body.   I write for various magazines, present and run workshops around the World, and am proud to be a global Ambassador for Sweaty Betty & Shock Absorber.


It is my vision and purpose to help as many people around the World, grow their inner confidence & strength, unlock their true potential to allow them to realise their dreams and beyond….. so with this thought is mind…


I would LOVE to know the best happiest thing you have achieved in the last 13 years, even if you were not with us, let’s get celebrating. And I would love to know what you would like to achieve in the next 13 years, so by 2030 (eek!) when you are how old?!


Above all, if we could offer you one thing, what course, service, app or book would it be? So we can continue to develop what you would like.


Over the years we have now raised £80,000 for charity, including the money I have raised personally. This is a massive achievement, and the next challenge will be Stirling Marathon in Scotland for my in 2 weeks time. Why this is a challenge is it’s a busy road race, one that I tend to avoid… but it’s my homeland and more to come about my why next week,


We have over 13% off most of our services, from DNA Testing to Empower Strategy Days,  as a thank you and to support your upcoming goals. If there is something you would like to know more about, or have any questions don’t be afraid to ask. You know we are flexible to help make things happen for you, just ping me an email 


To find out more visit our main site Energised Performance   its in the process of being updated and refreshed, so it you can’t quite find what you are looking for, just ping me and email with your goal, or question… can you help me with this and I will reply.


Starting a business is a challenge, like starting anything it requires a risk and decision…. 

Growing a business I think is even more challenging, yet growing and achieving any goal, requires commitment and consistency, 

Sticking with things during the tough times, is tough. Yet giving up is tougher. 

Surrounding yourself with great people, support and mentors, I believe is key. 

Having a greater vision, doing your best, giving you all… yet finding moments to switch off and be, 

These are simple things, which I believe has led by business to start, grow, be fundamentally challenge, re grow, survive and thrive… 


If you would like any support to help you realise more of your potential, take a risk, commit and be brave.

Kimpossible and her Team xx

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Next Blog’s Coming….. My Mastermind with Greatness in Los Angeles & Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day. 


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