Can you get High on Life?

This was the title of the Panel at the Big Retreat in Wales, I was along side Richie Bostock, The Breathe Guy, Shoina founder of Graces London, Ben Bidwell, the Naked Professor, and myself, hosted my Toni Jones, the founder of Shelf Help Club (all their links below).

I have to admit, I was feeling really nervous about being on the panel. For some reason having explored all their bio’s I just didn’t feel ‘enough’, funny what triggers us and I know it’s really common.  So I did some writing and this may help you overcome an ‘imposter’ triggers for work and life in general moment.

I wrote down what it was about each one of them which inspired me, and also anything with trigger fear within me and how I would overcome it.  I then wrote down what I felt I could bring to the panel and how I wanted to feel.  Finally I wrote down what I wanted the outcome to be for the audience and how I wanted them to feel.

Okay, so this maybe a big process, but it helps ground me, reminds me to breathe and allows me to be the best I can, to give others the best.   Often things trigger us, when it really matters – and this is important to realise, so I saw it as a good thing – as it forced me to confront my own fears and prepare on a deeper level.

Underneath my fear was an awareness this was the first time I had driven this far for work since 2012, it was the 6 year anniversary since I was so ill with Weils disease , and 15th year since I founded my business (thank you all) & my first ‘big thing’ since the trauma and nightmares I have been experiencing since the suicide.  I share this, as I found over the weekend, people opened up and shared more when you share, even a tiny bit.  And if I can help people realise just how amazing you are, just as you, that is my true purpose.

So the significance of the weekend on many layers felt huge – and the depth of gratitude I feel for people who are kind, compassionate and wise is huge – and I express this freely, yet in my mind I have to go, ‘don’t be weird, be normal, don’t over give….’…. but this is me, open and true, and I hope it ignites something courageous in you to leap and grow…. 

That’s a bit of a longer ramble to answer, can you get high on life!!  But here’s a tiny extract of what the panel said about what helps them feel energised and ‘high’, and what drains their energy….

Perhaps choose one, to enhance and one to change this fortnight.

The Highs of Life: 

– following your purpose and passions

– connecting with people who have similar values and happiness

– being vulnerable and true to yourself

– breathing deeply, standing tall

– human connection and conversations

– knowing and being able to say no / and yes

– having space on your own

– nature, outdoors, fresh wild air

– good foods, intuitive eating, self care and respect

– strength, working out, dance, yoga

– music, writing, reading, creating, cooking, laughter

– digital detox and boundaries

– accountability and commitment to your best self

– adventures and travel, near and far

– the courage to be present and you


The Energy drains of Life: 

– too much digital and social media

– not breathing deeply

– no outside time

– comparisons & self sabotage

– lack of connection & love

– a list of ‘shoulds’ and never being

– too much or not enough movement

– not listening to your intuition and overriding to keep going

I hope sharing just a tiny snippet helps and would love to discuss more, do check out the links below to all the good people and find out more.  And connect with me on social media, as I would love to chat more.

We cannot predict the future, yet today we are alive. Have the courage to say Yes through fear, to live your life with passionate purpose, depth & meaning, trust & hope. Commit to yourself…. with courage, today. 


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Big Retreat Links:

Fierce Calm – wonderful Yoga initiative making a real difference

Shelf Helf Club, Toni the founder, and the host for the Talk Tent at Big Retreat – would you like a Bristol club!

The Breath Guy, Richie Bostock, seriously do check out his work, amazing and transformative.

Dr Ahmed – one incredibly wise Doctor and funny comedian, I highly recommend booking

The Naked Professors – Ben Bidwell & Matt Johnson – Forbes Interview, links to their brilliant podcast & sites, inspiring change and vulnerable discussions through mental health, masculinity and so much more.

Graces London – CBD products to help you feel good

My highest clicked instagram post this fortnight, Passing on the International NLP Public Service and Community Award ….. an Award as a little business we were so proud to have be given as a reflection of all the achievements of our clients and charity work, big well done everyone!

Books of the fornight: David Epstein Book – The Range, his second book after the Sports Gene, both fascinating and a really good TED talk as well and Sattva, Ayuvedic Way to Live Well.   Remember if you buy a copy of the Hound of Happiness to pass on with any book order, all goes to charity and helps spread our feel good vibes.

Do this for the next two weeks: what 3 simple things can reduce, and 3 things can you add to grow joy in your life? Write it down, keep it simple and begin….. 

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