What is your passion?

‘Always go with your passion. Never ask if it’s realistic or not.…’ Deepak Chopra What’s your passion? For me, this photo encompasses my passion and purpose. I see your potential and want to help as many people around the world realise this… to learn to believe in YOU, speak helpfully to yourself and embrace fear with […]

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My Top Tips to Make your Goal Happen in Sport, Life and Business

Here are MY TOP TIPS if you’re minds in a tangle for a race or life goal with 220 Triathlon Magazine.  1. EMBRACE YOUR PRE-RACE DOUBTS Pre-race doubts are totally normal because the race is important to you, so embrace them! Write down your fears on one side of a piece of paper and on the […]

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3 Top Tips from Former CEO of Bristol Sport to make your Autumn Count

‘Take time to make your soul happy. Sometimes that pressing pause & tuning in, sometimes it taking a leap of faith, sometimes it allowing yourself to be present and enjoy NOW, sometimes it’s working damn hard through some tough stuff to grow… the best bit, with awareness and courage, you get to choose..’ I went […]

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