Celebrating 15 Years since I founded Energised Performance

I’m incredibly grateful to be celebrating 15 years since my little business Energised Performance was founded, 04.05.2004.

So many amazing clients, professionals and supporters all over the World 1:1 and online mentoring groups, from Strictly Come Dancing Pros, Team GB, Adventurers, Wild Runners, Entrepreneurs to complex GP referrals, body dysmorphia, self sabotage and disordered eating the depth and variety is truly wonderful. With each person having the courage to connect and ask for support to enhance their performance and Wellness, reduce their fears and doubts, unlocking more of their magic potential, happiness inside and out.

I’ve done a @tedx_official talk, written a little book with @thehoundofhappiness #52tiptstofeelgood, contributing to 4 others, run 10 marathons around the World, raced triathlon, three day eventing and the World Wool Sack champ, ambassador for great companies, raised £85k for charity so far, skipped death 5 times I reckon, learned so much along the way and will keep doing so.

We’ve run wellness camps in Italy and the UK, Mind and Body Workshops, Energised Business Impact Talks… and worked in China, L.A, N.Y.C, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Romania and many other cool places.

I feel truly grateful to each and every person who is part of Team Energised in person and socially, our Energised Coaches, the brands and events we work with… 

The biggest thank YOU all for inspiring me, connecting and letting me help YOU commit to yourself and live your best life, it is a true privilege.

I really look forward to the next 15 years….2034, when we are how old….what would you like to have achieved, where will you live, how will you feel, what will you have said yes to trying…?! 

And if there is anything you would love me to create or do, please get in touch.

If you would like any 1:1 or group support pop me a message – With all my support and thanks from the centre of my heart and every magic muscle in my body.

Click here to visit the Energised Performance website.

Come join me next at @thebigretreatwales #feelgood festival – Mindset and Movement.

#unlockyourpotential #believeinyourself

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