Dealing with the Unexpected….?


‘Arrange whatever pieces you have for your way…’ Virginia Woolf

Control the controllable’s, let go of the rest. Listen to your heart, follow your gut, think with your head…. be wise, strong and focused. Yet know that by falling apart you will come back together & anything is possible still.  A little muse after a few months of hurdles…

I as all ready for the Himalayan 100 mile race starting in Northern India, and quietly excited I set off to the airport yesterday. Only to find my flights were so delayed that all the connections were missed to get me to the start line….

10 days earlier a cyclist knocked me out leading to concussion, whiplash and neck traction for 10 hours and stitches in my elbow, which then got infected….. so you could say that was the universe stopping me!

Yet I paused and spent 10 days healing me and considering if I could still go to this magical land that had filled my wandering 800miles of training and adventuring soul with excitement… I mind mapped, created and truly felt (having been signed off by the nurses) yes let’s go, I can do this

It’s a funny thing life… sometimes things happen which we can’t control, but we can always choose how we respond. I’ve been sad and I know this is totally okay & normal as it’s something that mattered, something that I have invested a huge amount of time and training in … yet that’s passed and I’ve done some mind maps and writing to let the limits go.  Do try it if you get stuck or things are not flowing… just grab a piece of paper and pop some thoughts down.

I’ve learned through everything that self trust is key 🔑:-) I know this, but it’s true.

I doubted if my neurology healing from the Weils Encephalitis could do the challenge whilst still healing, and with that doubt other blocks appeared. If I trusted all I had achieved perhaps the blocks wouldn’t have appeared… ? Who knows and you can always do what if…. I choose to accept, heal, and take the learnings forwards for this week…


I’m going to do my UK 100 mile challenge instead to replicate the Himalayan one and raise money for five special little charities… I it will be positive challenge, one I am looking forward to & will start next Weds to Sunday, more info to follow 🙂

So if something isn’t quite flowing for you, an injury isn’t healing or your plans change just pause…. maybe it’s there for a reason, or maybe not? Whatever there are always some learnings which can create a little path of opportunity to flow with,

And if you have had whiplash or concussion, sleep and rest is key, a decent cranial osteopathic treatment, light mobility, breathing and meditation can all help to heal more easily.

Let me know if I can help you deal with the unexpected more easily,
Big support, Kim 🙏



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