Little changes to Feel Good at Christmas…

So this week flows into December… so my thought is all about how to cope and feel good this Christmas, I hope you like it and it helps.

To help you stay feeling good through the festive time, take an hour or moment this evening, or before 1st Dec to write down a simple food plan which is packed full of nutrients, yet quick and simple. Write and then buy quick snacks to have if you are super busy with parties that will look after you. Pop this on your fridge and make sure you plan a couple of days ahead, then all will be good.

Travelling snacks I recommend if you are short of time are Bounce Balls, Chia Charge Snacks, Bioglan Spirulina and Ginger Bites, Pulsin Protein Bars… and many others!  There are lots on the market, and nothing replaces good food. But if you eat right and support yourself with the parties you will feel better come January.

Sometimes I find it helpful to add quality supplements to boost your immunity if you are short of sleep and busy, I find Bare Biology Omega 3, Hion Green or Purple Powder, Phil Richards Supplements Vit C, B Complex, and D (especially if you don’t see daylight)  Digestive Enzymes and Hion Dream Powder or simple Magnesium are all great.  But everyone is different so let me know if you are unsure or would like advice. I’ve tailored my nutrition plan around my DNA results, and in the last year have really noticed the difference by tweaking the foods I eat and adding key supplements at specific times.

Then, however busy you are I do think a little movement, mobility or strength is valuable.  Just aim for 5-15mins a day, either stretching, I love the Tibetan 5 Stretching Moves (which are supposed to make you look 10 years younger too 😉 or a little core strength to help your posture.  As most people sit a bit more, hunch in the cold and then stand wearing heels in during the festive time, both of these will help to Balance any tightness.

Finally if you’re getting stressed, pause and write things down. Keeping a little mindfulness journal or using Headspace app, both can really help to calm and balance things. Think about the family environments you are going into, often this cause younger ‘you’ habits to appear that maybe are not helpful.  So pre frame the situations that usually cause trouble or stress. Then write a little plan of what you would like to do and feel differently, that you can control.  And what you can let go of as you cannot change or control it.  I promise this will help things flow easily and allow you to have more fun. I also love my good friend Camilla Dallerup with ZenMe, her new website which has lovely little meditations on it, do check that out and share if you love.

So stay hydrated with water ;-), enjoy the moments, have good sleep and rest, and look after yourself whilst still having the festive time you wish,

For more advice or any questions about supplements, DNA consultations or festive confidence, please do pop me an email and I will happily reply to help support you,

I’m running my Make 2017 Brilliant Workshop on 22nd January in Bristol, and would love you to come, again just pop me an email to find out more and book your place. And Friday 13th Jan I have my Mind Body Fit Workshop with Sweaty Betty Bristol, sign up in the boutique for free,

And in the meantime, I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and you feel good this December and all the way to Christmas, and it is all you wish for and more,

Big support Coach Kim xx

ps. To hunt out Top Sante Magazine, to read my Ask the Expert Column and Feel Fabulous this Festive Time and Balance Magazine in London, which is free and filled with great festive ideas too (I usually find a copy in Planet Organic in Tottenham Court Road)



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