Great Shoot with Optimum Nutrition

‘A comfort zone is just that, a place that’s familiar. If you have wish, to feel, think, do anything…. to be different…. you have to take a step out into an unfamiliar, uncomfortable zone. Yet right there lies the magic, the opportunity, the learning and growth. It may work out, it may not, it will require consistency and courage, yet whatever, your fears will have been harnessed and your comfort zone stretched to grow again. Take a step today…. in your thoughts, actions and habits. Notice the changes…. be present be you.’ 

Brilliant day filming & shooting with Optimum Nutrition for a really exciting project…. alongside these two awesome people London Fitness Guy and laurabiceps, follow us all to find out more soon. Such a great location at Blok London Limited in Clapton (nearly went to Clapham, I checked!), with fortyeightpointone and tastepr.

#unlockyourpotential in Sweaty Betty

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