Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race – India

I’m back from the Himalayas and in full swing of Energised work and the prep for Jenny’s memorial this weekend.

Below is a summary of my challenge. I’d like to thank YOU for your donations, support and sharing. It means a huge amount.

Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race – India 

I have to keep facing the darkness. If I stand tall and face the thing I fear, I have a chance to conquer it and learn. If I keep dodging and hiding, it will conquer me.’ Mary Pope Osbourne (My Secret War, World War Two Diary of Madeline Beck, Long Island, 1941 NYC)

Day 1 – 24 miles, 6,000ft climbing, 7hrs 35mins – for Jenny & Mind Charity – final 3 km took over 90mins and nearly killed me off

Day 2 – 20 miles undulating just below 4,000m altitude, 5hrs 30mins, altitude belly troubles and exhaustion – for Darjeeling Children’s Trust

Charity- Mind and in memory of Albert Harrington from Darjeeling.

Day 3 (part 1) – 26+ miles for Encephalitis Society & Mind Charity, seriously tough day, 9hrs

Part 2

Part 3 – after hallucinations of monks, snakes and check points

Part 4 – no idea how I made it

Charity: for Mind & Encephalitis

Day 4 (part 1 – filmed day before as didn’t think I would make it) – 13 miles (sounds way right…?!) for Mind and Nai Wales, just made it, 3hrs 3mins

Day 4 (part 2)

Charity – Mind & Nai Autism Support for Children

Day 5 (part 1) – the final 17miles, 6miles climbing… 11 miles descending, my best day?! For Mind Charity and Hounds for Heroes supporting PTSD – 3 hrs 48mins

Part 2 – just before the end – super grateful

Charity – Mind & Hounds for Heroes and Running for Jenny.

Ate: mainly rice, dahl, salted potatoes, bananas, milk biscuits, porridge.

Drank: a lot of water and one big coke.

Slept: very little, usually around 4hrs and started most days with 4am breakfasts.

Best bits: the incredible people organising, in the group and locally, vast, beautiful landscapes, space, adventures, challenge.

Thoughts: mainly about Jenny and everyone affected nearly constantly, and getting home safe to do the memorial…. but also space to feel hope, courage and gratitude always.

Challenging: my brain, altitude, bus rides – wouldn’t change a moment. Doing the videos! We are all capable of so much…. ironically returning home to Fireworks night was more challenging than the trip!

Mindset Writings: I did my journaling every day… and my models of excellence for this trip were Levison Wood, Susie Chan, Sophie Radcliffe and my past events to recall were Romania Bear Race, Sierra Leone Marathon & Rhodes Marathon… and for general coping in crazy conditions my adventures to Belize and Nepal, and the search for Jenny – you can do hard things. If I can help you learn how this helps I would love too.

Ms Mansi leaving thoughts: we often look for love outside in things, forgetting the beauty of nature and ourselves. Look inside yourself and around you, love is there, give it to yourself and share with others. You don’t need all the things you think you do. We have many experiences in life, beautiful and challenging, we often forget to link all these experiences together and accept this is who we are, we are all beautiful people, link things together and share. May you always remember this.

Gratitude: to Mr CS Pandey, Ms Mansi and the wonderful team who performed a complete logistical miracle and took great care of us all….. to my roomie Linda Doke and all the wonderful people from around the World and to you, for your amazing support and sharing, big gratitude. I hope this expresses the depth of my thanks, and the videos help bring to life.

Like to find out more: visit Himalayan, Himalayan Running on Facebook or contact me here and I’ll link you up and help you make it happen…. or any other crazy goal you think you can.

Thanks: to Optimum Nutrition for amazing supplements and protein, Mizuno Running UK for Wave Rider trainers, Shock Absorber for Sports Bras, Sweaty Betty for Run Kit, Polar for watch. Super powers to the finish.

If I can help you with a tiny or big goal please do let me know.

Big big heartfelt love and thanks, Kim.

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