5 Day Charity Run – #kims100miles is Done!



Wow….. what a 5 days, I’ve just run 106 miles in 5 days, that’s 220,668 steps for 5 little charities!!

Here’s my little story, vblogs and photos …

Thank you for visiting and reading my little update about my charity 2016 challenge…. with my aim to complete the Himalayan 100 miler (now in the UK due to a cyclist knocking me out, so I promise your donations will be well worth it) in October & 120km of 10km’s through the year….

I decided in January I would do a 10km run every month, however my neurology and brain healing was, as part of my brain healing, confidence and courage journey. I’m asked to do so many amazing things, and I never quite know what is possible, so this seemed like a good things for the year.  Raising awareness for Encephalitis and continuing my healing 🙂

It’s now turned into a bit of an adventure with people asking me what I’m up too, finding all sorts of great run’s, learning, trusting and believing. There have been tears and laughter, smiles and sunshine, strength and stuckness! And through this people have asked if they can sponsor me.  So, it’s a little page, the target £1,5338 which is £100 per month, plus £338, so three years of my healing journey plus a pound for each of my years!!

Plus it will take me personally over £80k for charity raised which is pretty cool.

What have I done so far… and what’s left? 

I’ve chosen quite, off road, challenging ones… noted my times so you can see the difference between a ‘good neurology day’ and a challenging one for interest. All the time, I have looked after myself I promise too, and adapted my training from DNA Fit , bloods, strength and self care…

2016 Healing Runs… 

Jan – RDA 10km Bristol with Energised Dave Baber, 58mins 28 secs, 8th lady

Feb – Relish Running 10km Bath, 1hr 02, muddy and maybe near the end!

March – Hanham Horror Hilly 10km, 53.02, 6th lady with Westbury Harriers

April – Frenchay 10km with Geoff Wood, 51.36

May – Forest of Dean 10km with Fred Ingleby & Camilla Balfour, 53.31 3rd lady

June – Romania Bear Race, in Transylvanian 30.5miles, 6hrs 40mins, 4th lady!

July – Brean Down Hilly 10km, 59.20 5th lady

August – Portland 10km, Round the Rock 51.38 12th lady

Aug – Sept I’ve walked over 600 miles in 8 weeks to see if Nepal maybe an option… we shall see and confirm at the end of Sept… whatever it’s been a big part of the healing wanders!

Sept – Purbeck Mini Ultra Marathon 27.8 miles, 4hrs 45mins, 12th lady

12st/2nd Oct – Maverick Forest of Dean Half Marathon, 2hrs 13mins plus Badminton Half Marathon the next day, 2hrs, 4 th lady in both 🙂

18th update – So far… 800 miles walked, knocked out by a cyclist and concussion, whiplash and stitches in my elbow…

23rd – 31st October Himalayan 100mile challenge is now #kims100miles in Beautiful Bristol following the cyclist accident, infection and break in elbow….

24th Oct – 20 miles, Nepal Youth Foundation – Day 1 Video-



25th – 24.9 miles – Above and Beyond Bristol Hospital Charity – Day 2 Video –



26th – 30.1 miles Encephalitis Society – Day 3 Video –


& after 30 miles (!)


27th Oct – 14.5 miles The Dogs Trust with #houndofhappiness Jake – Day 4 Video – &

An Evening Thought to match what they would do in the Himalayas –




28th Oct – 17.7 miles The Roald Dalhl Childrens Trust – Day 5 Video –



Total: 106.6 miles, 220,668 steps in 5 days by one human, me 🙂 @kimingleby! 

The End Video –


Nov – Bath Hilly 10km & Children in Need Big Bootcamp

Dec – A Santa Dash 10km & Brean Down Hilly Festive 10km – 3rd – 18th December 🙂

New Year – A celebration 10km to complete my year of running to heal me

I hope my little journey inspires you to believe you could do something, keep checking back to see how I’m doing and if you would like any support or advice, confidence or courage do just tweet, message or email me

The charities and why I have chosen them…. 

Encephalitis Society – for basically being an amazing support and resource, a lifeline of hope and confidence, even though I don’t acitivitly use them much I often refer to their literature. Aliki one of their Ambassadors has given me so much hope and inspiration, do listen her music, it’s empowering.

The Dogs Trust – because finding my little rescue Hound of Happiness, Jake has given me so much happiness basically.  He’s taught me to trust and love again, even when I doubt myself and have been personally challenged in so many ways. He has been my walking & healing friend through the last 7 months, and I have huge gratitidue for him, thank you Jakey! We are now writing a little Christmas stocking filler together…. so watch this paw print space 🙂

Roald Dahl – ‘If you have good thoughts, they will shine through your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely’  I have this quote on my pinboard and it’s one that gives me faith.  Like many people I doubt myself and my face from what has happened with the effects. No one see’s it, but I feel it and see it. I’m learning to develop a stronger level of self worth and believe, and my sunbeams are brighter 🙂 Road Dahl’s children charity, quotes and history of encephalitis in his family, make this little charity a brilliant one to support. I al also supporting Wilberry the Wonder Pony, but they are not on Virgin yet!

Nepal Youth Foundation – I have always sponsored two children with Plan UK and love what they do. For the last three year’s I have been asked to run the Himalyan 100 Race, and  I have never been brave enough to comitt and see if it’s possible… maybe this year?  Whatever I wanted to support a little charity doing great things in Nepal, and this one I know is.  Making the impossible, possible for some children to enhance their quality of life and education.

Above and Beyond – is the little charity in Bristol which helps many different people and children in the hospital. The difference they have made to many of my clients lives has been significant, and the support I have received from a few doctors there, especially Brett has been invaluable in moments, even if I am like a dog going to the vets 🙂

If you have read to here thank you…. and if you choose to make any tiny donation to , thank you again.

So to you all, find that inner spark of courage and strength inside you, make a little change of your thoughts and your habits and see what’s possible,

With huge gratitude and strength, hugs and wags,

Kim & Jake #houndofhappiness xx xx

ps. For Interest and not sponsored…  I wore Mizuno Wave Rider Trainers, Shock Absorber Run Bra’s, Sweaty Betty Layers, Leggings and Run Socks…. I fuelled with Nuun, Hion Purple Powder, Chia Charge, Bounce Balls & PHD Nutrition, I recovered with 2XU leggings, Activbod Cooling Gel, Epsom Salts Bath’s, TPTherapy Grid Rollers, Bare Biology Omega 3 & Phil Richards Collagen Formula 

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