Are you nervous of the Gym?



Ahh I’ve not been to the gym for a month, and I’m a trainer & won a few Awards! This is not good surely?! And I’m nervous about going to gym….why?

Because like many sometimes I get stuck with fear, and lose a moment of confidence, just inside. I got knocked out by a cyclist a month ago, neck whiplash, concussion & an infected stitched elbow with a hairline fracture…. then I ran walked #kims100miles… so a month has passed.

I can’t do what I planned to do in November and sad about what I’ve lost in terms of strength, full chins, press ups, weighted squats out. ….yet what I can be happy about is what I can do. Right now. And if I get back in the gym and focus on that, I’ll come back stronger in time with patience, good rest and balance.

If I did nothing everything would get tight and imbalanced, and I would lose my confidence.

So today, the adapted plan was to get myself back in the gym, to move my body and find what is possible and what really needs time and rehabilitation. To stretch what I can, to move, breathe and believe….

It doesn’t have to be the gym, but moving your body is good for your mood, energy and immunity if combined with good sleep and food. So go find your happy fit thing…. don’t worry if you get red faced, sweaty, or feel nervous…. I do, even as a trainer.

Think about the benefits for YOU, be brave and get out there…. love to know what you love to do? And what you recommend, do pop a comment below and if you would like to join our #21daychallenge for festive food, fitness and confidence visit or just tweet me @kimingleby

Go for it awesome ones, dance, run, leap, lift, walk, bounce,swim, believe …. #bodyconfidence #fitbod #thisgirlcan

Photo:(C) Vince Starr, Sweaty Betty


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