New Podcast Interview With 33 Fuel Overcoming Your Fears

NEW PODCAST: Beat your fears with TEDx speaker, coach and athlete Kim Ingleby.

Founder of Energised Performance, Kim’s ability to impact people’s lives is extraordinary. In this conversation, Kim shares how to beat your fears and achieve, wherever they lie.

33Fuel podcast – Kim Ingleby show highlights: Five fundamentals of fear

  1. “Fear is normal. We suppress it and say we shouldn’t feel it. We should be open to all emotions – including fear – for a full life.”
  2. “Fear can be your friend if you turn and face it.”
  3. “The more we avoid our fears, the more they grow.”
  4. “Ask yourself ‘why have I got this fear’ and ask yourself how you can change the fear. It will diminish.”
  5. “If you work through fear, you grow.”

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