Last month I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the amazing Jimmy Petruzzi, a World Renowned High-Performance coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer, Award Winning Coach, Bestselling Author, Presenter, award winning speaker and developer of Cognitive Reprogramming.  You can learn more about Jimmy here.

Click here to check out the video on You Tube, and/or read on for a recap of our chat.

I told Jimmy about the challenges and obstacles I’ve faced in my past and how I overcame adversity.  I talked about how the process I went through helped me to develop the skills I needed to practice as a mind body coach.

I talked about how I suffered from low self-esteem as a child which seemed to refute the confidence I held in riding horses professionally and in my sports performance. I revealed that it was at this time that I realised there was a gap in the training of horse riders to be both physically and mentally fit and strong, and how this linked to self-esteem.

I also wanted to set up my own business, so I went off and studied international business management, personal training, sports therapy, nutrition therapy and NLP.

Fundamentally, I possessed a genuine passion and desire to help others, knowing they’d felt the same as I did.  My aim was to let people know that they are good enough, and so I considered how I could help facilitate their wishes and dreams.

In 2013 facing Weils Disease and post viral encephalitis forced me to stop everything.  I had to re-learn social skills and found it all really challenging.  I felt a huge sense of vulnerability and empathised even more with those experiencing vulnerability and a fear of rejection.

The last few years have been a real journey and I had to ask myself, how was I going to move forward with my life?

This experience motivated me to provide others with the right tools and support in their life, and to help them get to where they want to be. My experience only enhanced my passion more, made me braver and made me see the real potential in people.

I stressed to Jimmy that’s it’s part of human nature to have fears and doubts, but we feel like we shouldn’t have them.  We all limit ourselves to keep us safe, and we tend to jump from self-sabotage to having a great day, happy as can be.

We need to focus on how we can start to move towards where we want to be and feel.  We need to focus on moving towards a place where we don’t express fears and doubts and realise that we’re actually ok as we are.

My role is to help people move away from limits and towards potential and success.  Every day we all live in fear of failure and in doing so we are limiting ourselves.

I work with those who are ready to move forward.  If prospective clients are going through periods of stress it’s probably not the right time to focus on personal growth because it’s not going to be their top priority.  You need to ask yourself if you have the space to make changes happen, then you can celebrate the fact that you’ve made this work.

I explained to Jimmy that those I work with range from elite athletes, celebrities and everyday people.  The thing that they all have in common are their fears.  These include feelings of unworthiness, not being good enough, worry that if they are successful it will all fall apart, everyone is better than me, or they’re feeling overwhelmed with all the info on wellness, health, performance or life.

The outcome that they desire is to be happy, to have a quieter mind, more energy, improved sleep, high performance and results and to create space for those things they want to do but don’t get around to doing.

The fact that I’ve felt this vulnerability myself puts them at ease.  I encourage them to know themselves, to identify patterns in their thoughts and behaviour. I ensure that they’re able to recognise when they’ve crossed over that line from good stress to acute stress that serves only to waste their energy.  I encourage them to be flexible in achieving their goals.

Another important message that came out of the interview was the fact that people develop different senses of time, for example people say that when they’re fitter or slimmer they’ll feel x, but it needs to come from within.  You have to learn to like yourself in the process.

Jimmy and I agreed that the right time to make a change or to act upon something is when it keeps coming into your mind, then is the time to commit to it.

When we say, I just want to feel better in myself, what does this mean? What do we need to do to feel better and who can we ask for help? Never be afraid to ask for help, as Jimmy so rightly said, two minds really are better than one.

Another crucial point made by Jimmy, was that if you have a fear, you need to face it.  He spoke of his fear of public speaking, what did he do to overcome that fear? He became a public speaker! The process of doing so was joining a speaking group, practicing, seeking one on one coaching and speaking in public.

He stressed that our minds are our most important asset, and how we focus on our mindset is key.

I had this same fear, the fear of speaking in public.  I overcame it by speaking in group sessions, investing in professional one on one speaking coaching.  At first I was super nervous and vulnerable and I still find it challenging today.  I didn’t think I’d be ready to do a TedEX talk for at least another 10 years, but I’ve done it already!

The message here is, whatever it is you think you can’t do I can guarantee you can do it.  It will just take you more time and a bigger investment than you thought.  But, you will work it out and you will get there as long as you are committed.

We have one life, and don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.  When my illness struck my whole world was turned upside down but I told myself I’m still here and I have to live my life.

My advice to those I support is to be compassionate to yourself, get the support you need around you, make tiny changes consistently and give yourself breaks to check in with your wellness. Take time out to do the things that make you feel better. Be in the moment, meditate, be mindful, take a walk.

Finally, Jimmy and I closed our chat by posing a powerful question to our listeners.  What do you need to be, do and give to show and create your full potential? Take a moment to give this some serious consideration and allow yourself to see your real potential.

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