Remember Jenny through suicide with Love

Remembering Jenny and her Birthday today

Suicide is a tough word to write, yet sharing may help someone … To Jenny, one beautiful, happy, kind, adventuring person. My great friend, one of a tribe of amazing cousins and the best Energised Performance Chef for our wellness Italy camps.

May your soul have a peaceful 36th Birthday flying above us – you are deeply missed by so, so many, 7 months on – may your strength from above give hope to those struggling, I wish I could do more to help support but it’s a different process for all. I am here with love.

I’ve run 360km for you now for your 36th birthday… and hopefully made a difference, 5km now is tough, you would smile. I’ve planted herbs, a mangnolia which means grace, and primroses as you always loved them, so your spirit is alive.

Everyone suffers loss, if you are reading this please reach out and tell at least 3 people why they matter to you, it might make a difference. Make time, time is all we have and you never know where life will go. Try to live by embracing fears and following your heart, it may break at times, you may get it wrong but trust, you are stronger and more wonderful than you realise. And remember to share your joy, this is important.

So dear magic Jenny Spencer-Nairn, your wild spirit is in my thoughts daily, memories of childhood exploring in wild Scotland, to Italian supermarket shopping, painting our homes to countless wanders in Bristol and hummus, you are part of the fabric of my life and I’m grateful.

Unravelling the complexity of trauma has been the gift I’ve been given to work out, and I truly hope I can make a greater difference, I will miss our birthday wander today for sure yet it’s frosty and beautiful. Jake @thehoundofhappiness and I will wander with you in our hearts, Fly free my friend, forever in my heart like all we have lost and love – and the deepest strength to our family and closest friends.

Your wandering friend always, Kim

Ps if you need support or help please reach out and ask – you are not a problem or burden.

Click here for Bristol Mind Charity.

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