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Berlin Marathon 16th, Bristol Half Marathon 23rd and Forest of Dean Half Marathon 30th Sept – one race for each charity, and to remember each decade of lovely Jenny’s life – thank you if that’s the right word.

Your life can change in an instance. We never think it actually will, but it might.

I don’t really know what to write and I certainly don’t want you to say well done for this, please. My lovely cousin Jenny is no longer here, and I wish I could fix it for her family & friends. I know I can’t. But I wish I could, as I can’t imagine how it is for them I just have my feelings.

I entered Berlin marathon a while ago to give me something to quietly work towards after a challenging few months of life changes, which kind of seem irrelevant now. I remember chatting to Jenny on one of our wanders how a big city marathon was so ‘not us’, but she might like to come on the adventure as it was near my birthday, again it feels wrong to write that but that’s the fact…

Now Berlin kind of appealed, concrete roads, hundreds of strangers & a long day out. No wild landscape like our usual explorations.

It’s far too early for this page perhaps, I’m so mindful of everyone and respect everyone deals with things differently. So I don’t know if it’s right, or okay, and apologise to anyone who feels it’s not appropriate yet I hope it makes a tiny difference somehow.

Jenny always loved my adventures she said. So I felt I must walk jog for Jenny. Emotional fatigue, lack of sleep, anti-biotics, poor food made an unadvised three week taper to the start line. I am pretty resourceful with my mental tools, and had trained okay so thought it would be possible. I always say, respect the marathon…. and oh my did it challenge my resources.

Who knew the German police, helicopters and female stewards would all present a movie I didn’t request on repeat…. and who knew so many German dogs would be supporting. Which naturally I had to stop and pat, undoubtedly affecting my time the most….. I was so close to not finishing, but I did, following with a 10km walk to my hotel before flying home. Each step was for Jenny, her family, friends and anyone who ever doubts themselves. And that was 67,000 steps so hopefully everyone will have gained some strength from it.

The three little charities are chosen because…

The search and dive teams were compassionate and kind the whole way through, I was there the whole time & I wanted to thank them for this. And whilst so very sad, for finding Jenny. There were so many people involved but this charity were present & they make a difference.

The Spafford children’s centre is the family charity where our family have spent many happy times. I have numerous happy memories of Jenny in Jerusalem. We had talked about doing an Energised Supper Club in Bristol to raise some money, so this will have to do for now until I have fine tuned my cooking skills.

And Mind is a charity and service Jenny and I chatted about quite a lot, especially after watching the documentary from Heads Together about running for mental health and happiness. Ironically, Jenny was questioning if running marathon’s were good for your mental health, and we agreed a 10km or half marathon at most was probably best.

This isn’t the family’s memory page, it’s my run for Jenny. It’s for all the runs and wanders we shared and it’s finishing Berlin to Bristol for her. I won’t be able to have a wander in the wild and laugh about the concrete runs with her, but I really hope in some tiny way it makes a difference somehow, somewhere.

I can’t believe I managed Berlin and have decided to do Bristol Half Marathon to complete my run for Jenny, the place where we have spent 10 years wandering about together. The place where so many of her friends are. Each and every step will be for my kind hearted, adventuring, wonderful friend and cousin, shining bright from above & strength for her family each and every moment.

Please just donate if you wish but don’t feel any pressure to – just say a prayer or make a wish for Jenny and her family, go and give all those you love a damn big hug and tell people who make a difference in your life that they do. For all we know can change in an instance.

Life tends to unfold in seasons, and this season will pass. If you’re in a good season, share and celebrate the joy…. and if it’s a challenging season, I promise you, in time little buds of hope will spring up…

I read somewhere, if you have cracks in your heart, they will be filled with rays of sunshine which will strength your love to carry on…

Rambles, love, hope, peace, strength and respect to you,

I believe in you.

Kim xx

ps. I have no fundraising target, it’s just if you wish with love x

Berlin completed – 5hrs 45 really hard

Bristol Half

Forest of Dean Half

For the donation page click here.

Click here to purchase the ‘Hound of Happiness: 52 Tips to Feel Good’, all profits this month will go to the memory donation page.

I am very much working and valuing this, so please do be in touch.

Bristol run complete – 2hrs 15 ish.



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