3 Running Tips & WIN Online Coaching!


If you are doing a run today, watch these little tips to help improve your running or workout:


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Then think about these questions and perhaps note down a few things that you could tweak yourself, to improve things as you move into April.


* How’s your nutrition been, have you fueled well for the results you want & had enough to boost your energy and immunity?  I have found since I did my DNAFit Testing and adapted my nutrition and recovery I have had improved results and immunity. 


* How’s your sleep and stress been? Maybe this run or workout is for fun or a PB? What is the best outcome you can have, and what could you tweak to improve your progress in April? I use Phil Richards Magnesium to improve my sleep and recovery. 


* Are you having fun? So important, whatever your ability to enjoy what you’re doing & celebrate your progress and just getting out and doing.


Love to know you’re thoughts and your best race recommendations for the Summer.

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