The Paradox of Risk

The things you wish and hope for, they require commitment and courage, it’s a risk, it might not work. Be that love, business, sport, adventures.

The paradox is – not growing or changing is a risk too. Being stuck in fear, doubt and procrastination is a risk. You might not believe in yourself yet, but taking the risk to commit to yourself and your wish or hope, will take you on a journey of learning, communication, challenge and growth. And within this, even if your ‘thing’ doesn’t happen, possibilities will happen, and that’s worth the risk of showing up.

I never believed I could do a TEDx talk, but I took this risk when the opportunity presented itself. Day by day, through a dance of fear and hope I learned how to craft my talk, met amazing people (@drdawnharper @_jessification_ @spswills @danieledmund to name a few) and did my best, TEDxBristol 2015 – Overcoming Adversity – Being Brave (ironically).

And again we will all have to take a risk, life will challenge us, and when it all ends, I want to be able to say, I took the risks, I didn’t play safe… in love, life, sport, business and myself…. how about you?

I help people grow courage, even when they doubt themselves – to grow their business, cross the finish line of a crazy race, to grow a life they love and believe in themselves. If I can help you, it would be my privilege, get in touch and let’s leap in.

I would love to see you at Tedx Bristol this year, #reflectrethinkreboot 17th Nov, and Bristol Old Vic Events.

Everyone matters, most of all, you right now. 

#unlockyourpotential #risk #bebrave #courage #challenge

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