World Encephalitis Awareness Day #RED4WED


22nd February is World Encephalitis Awareness Day & this year they are Illuminating many famous buildings all over the World.


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be bright


Supporting this Charity is something personal to me, as well as many of the beautiful people I have had the opportunity of meeting and knowing through the healing journey.  Here’s an edit from my personal rambles over the last 3.5 years … you may need a cup of tea, it’s quite long but I hope it’s worth the moments you take to read it, you can let me know 🙂


My thoughts can be like a jigsaw. Pieces that don’t quite fit together.

You know when you are a child and you push the pieces together, willing them to fit, but they just don’t quite.  You know that they don’t fit, but you are willing them to come together. As finding the patience to find the right pieces, to piece together is frustrating, and takes time. And you just want to go and do the next thing in your childlike mind….

That’s kind of my brain, neurology and muscles when they are not ‘quite working’.

Then, my thoughts flow easily and effortlessly. My mind and body is alive, full of energy and thoughts, ideas, hope, inspiration, passion, believe, life.  Everything seems to make sense, and I have courage that I know I can teach people things about confidence, life, adversity, possibility.  That anything is possible.  Really it is.

That what people don’t understand about encephalitis is their fears, not mine. That what people question, and wonder, and avoid, is their fear, not mine. And I will fill their fears and mine, with compassion, patience, love, trust.

That’s kind of my brain, the one when it’s working.

I’ve spoken to many friends, clients, people.  Often people say, ahh that’s what my brain feels like when I have had my children, someone died suddenly, I was diagnosed with cancer… numerous examples to know that you are not alone.

Yet, I know that everyone does feel alone at times in their life.  You know, that feeling…. Like what am I going to do, I just don’t know.

Patience, Trust, Space.

Encephalitis, inflammation of the brain. It’s a crazy, weird thing.

It plays tricks with you, well it does with me.  You think, I’m fine, yes, it’s not going to happen again, lets’ do x, y and z…. then, boom, like a song that you can’t get out of your head, it’s back, messing up the lyrics that make sense to you.

I think lots of people get confused in life, the things that make sense to us, that keep us safe, often limit us.  So through my Coaching using NLP, Hypnotherapy and Confidence Coaching I give people the tools, courage and confidence to believe they can jump, make the change, do what is causing them fear in the moment….

Ironically, practice what you teach has never been so true.   Some days, I think, amazing, I get this, I have learned more than you could possibly imagine about neurology, science, nutrition and fitness, which as a Coach has enhanced my skills to help people, to give them confidence, to flow forwards.

Yet, other days I feel, I am stuck.

And…. There are the little things that you wouldn’t notice, but I do.


But in life lots of little things, happen.  Many things happen to many people, and what I have learned, is take each day, love and live each day. Find some goodness in each day. For you truly never know what will happen tomorrow.

Judge yourself as you judge others, with compassion, openness and understanding.  Never has the saying, you don’t know someone’s story and ability to cope until you have walked a day in their lives, been true.

I am writing this to give you HOPE.  Hope that whatever is happening right now, challenging, amazing or simply fricking (I do love incomprehensible, ride it out.

Show up. Every day, and do something that matters. Something that adds value to your life, and those around you.

The bigger things, that the legacy of the ‘rat’ (weils virus) have left are the shakes, the all encompassing fatigue that stops you in your tracks and then leaves as quickly as it has arrived, for no rational reason, the difficulty swallowing, the liver and lung function…

Yet again, things that you may suffer from drinking too much, eating too much sugar, being stressed, overworked, not spending time just being…. And numerous other things.

Wow… this is a life ramble!  I hope it’s useful and makes you smile too…

I wanted to write, be authentic and tell you Encephalitis is a bugger.  It’s changed my life. But then your life changes every year regardless. 

It’s brought so much goodness too, brought out my humour, my ability to live in the moment, to laugh and appreciate the simple things. That the amount of porridge & spinach I eat is probably enough for a horse, not a human…. I’m not sure if that’s encephalitis or me …  the trainer 😉 Okay so it’s me, but I have played around with my nutrition, sleep, DNA results and fitness to find what helps my neurology along with a few other things.

really matters

I know I’m rambling, I will edit this (‘ive edited it a bit… but actually decided to leave it as is… as the slight jumble is true of my brain 😉 and I want to leave you with some thoughts for hope and happiness, daily….

With encephalitis you are on your own, often.


And in life you are. Which is actually okay and pretty damn good.

Yet you must have the courage to still show up….

So I urge, kick & support you to show up…


 Each day, find something that adds value to your life, and do it


  • Speak kindly to yourself, yet kick yourself to go for what you want
  • Feed your body good food, your mind good thoughts and your muscles good movement, every day, be wise – this is so important 
  • Let go, let go of the limits in your mind, the comparisons in your head and the fears in your heart – they are just formations of complex brain patterns to keep you safe, but you are safe anyway.
  • Learn something new, speak to new people, travel, shake things up every few months, get uncomfortable and then get comfortable with that new uncomfortable state
  • Make your dreams your goals, and your goals your actions with focus, consistency and balance
  • Communicate with courage and fearlessness, write or talk, spend time together
  • Laugh, smile, love daily


do what you can

I got suspected Weils disease in June 2013 from a triathlon which led to my neurology being super stressed… it’s been a crazy 3.5 years.

I don’t remember many fragments, yet I have had many truly amazing experiences and so look forward to deciding on my next adventures & courses to offer you wonderful people…


How do you end a blog like this.  Well the trauma doctor said…. You will look back on this time and realise how tough it was, it may disappear, it may not, but one things for sure, this will test you more than you can imagine.


Well. I believe we get tests in all areas of life. We can handle them, however tough and however much time it takes. 

And in the tests there is always growth, learnings, laughter and always a celebration.


So, my friends, readers, clients and kick ass people who want to make a difference in life, who want to realise they can do things, even if they don’t know if they can…realise that you are wonderful, that you rock… you know that right?


And then….. Show up Every Day. In some way, and make your day count.

Join me… make your life happen today….



Find out more about Encephalitis and support them here:

To watch my TEDx Talk click here:

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