World Encephalitis Day


World Encephalitis Day is Friday 22nd Feb, a really important awareness day.  The Encephalitis Society offer amazing support, inspiration, information and hope to individuals and families affected by Encephalitis, which is a largely unknown, challenging and often isolating condition for all affected.  They are a small charity with a big heart, and for me personally have given me hope and courage to keep healing and believing following secondary viral problems after getting ill from swimming in open water in 2013.

The first meeting I went to was in 2015 when I heard Aliki Chrysochou sing, I barely lasted two songs as my neurology was so sensitive at this point.  However, being there in Liverpool gave me determination to believe in more. Whilst things like fireworks, music gigs and busy multi stimulated still challenge me and I really miss those busy, fun environments, I feel incredibly lucky for what I can do. And that’s what the Encephalitis Society offer, hope and courage.  I have supported them and raised money over the years, the most recent in India whilst running in the mountains – keep a look out for my 2019 Charity Challenges coming soon.  



If you are struggling in anyway, here are a few tips to help you cope,

It’s okay…… to be You. 

But actually, if you’re not happy as you or the life around you, it’s damn hard and all the affirmations, positive words and help may not shift things for you. 

  • Focus on your breathing, deep breaths in what you want to feel (like I’m safe or whatever connects) and out what you don’t want (anxiety etc).
  • Write down your fears & thoughts in your head, it’s scary but then you can ask yourself – how can I be more helpful with this? Just little shifts in daily habits.
  • Get outside in daylight, walk, move, dance, swim… just to move, whatever is easiest for you to do… have music or silence, know what helps you.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about things with people who lift you up, yet equally don’t feel pressured. Work out what works best for you to help gradually change things.
  • Drink water, eat rainbow foods, some protein, fats, slow release carbs little & often, they’ll help your brain and hormones more than sugar, but a little of what you love is always fine.
  • Set a tiny goal, to read a book, go to a film, learn something online, book a mini break, book professional help – anything that’s scary but commits you to taking action.
  • Switch off social media at least an hour before bed and use an old school alarm clock so your phone sleeps downstairs! Unfollow accounts which you do self sabotage or unhelpful comparison with, fill your feed with positive, inspiring, real goodness.
  • Know however tough right now is, the more you learn to be helpful, determined & kind to yourself, the quicker the tough times will shift & you will learn how to cope more easily next time.
  • Know you matter, you are unique, beautiful/handsome, intelligent, wise and capable of far greater things than you realise (this can be contented every day life or big dreams). Embrace courage with your fears, for the sooner you do, the more you can love a little fuller and happier….

And trust me, I know it’s not easy, but it’s not easy being stuck. Choose a tiny habit and thought change today….. tag people who inspire you, and if you need support let me, big care, Kim.

For more info on World Encephalitis Day click here.

If you have any questions please do email me.

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