Absailing into Energised July

How is your summer flowing?  I would love to hear about your adventures, races and hopes.

And if you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed or unsure how to put plans into place, heal or overcome trauma or ill health, please reach out and ask for support.  

I’ve been helping people online develop new business plans into action, overcome anxiety and stress and realign their lives since the World changed –  so when we get to the end of the year, we can reflect back with value and gratitude.  Have a think about it…. write down some simple ideas and actions for this week.  Let me know how you go.

I made a last minute decision recently to do the Big Drop abseil fo the second highest building in Bristol for St Peter’s Hospice, an amazing charity who have taken good care of many people I know.   

Not going to lie, I was way more nervous and had my eyes closed for some of it – saying calm and safe all the way… mental training always helps! 

It’s good to do things you think you can’t or that scare you, it helps you stretch boundaries. Happy to help with all ideas you may have…. Would you do this?

JT Expeditions took great care of everyone, brilliant instruction and support. Check them out.

If you would like, pop my name and you can give to this amazing Bristol charity here with big thanks – let me know so I can thank you too! 

July’s check in to action: 

Following from June, make the time over the next couple of days to do this quickly and simply – if you did the last couple of month’s you can reflect on the changes.  If you need support, just pop me a message and let me know how you are flowing with it. 

Put today’s date & time top the page:

1. Your Mind Body Check in…

How are feeling, energy, movement, posture?

How is your brain, mood, thoughts, stress?

How is your sleep, depth, quality?

How is your digestion, cravings, hydration?

How is your digital time, conversations, recharge time? 

Score out of 10, and/or write comments.

Choose 3 specific areas to change or focus on for the week ahead and review every week if time.

Put today’s date and time, mood at top of next page.

2. Your Monthly Reflection and Focus to Flow Forwards

Past month:

What have you loved, felt happiness about in last month?

What have you overcome and learned in last month? 

What are you resisting or committing to?

This month: – What are your 4 priorities to make happen, how, why?

What will you decide and commit to changing habit or thought wise?

Letting go and growth

Who will you connect with, ask for help/give support?

Why does this matter to you?

What, who and where relaxes you, make time for this 

Write it down, reflect and then commit

Be specific, simplify to one thing if you’re overwhelmed, get your family and friends involved, and have fun with it.

Repeat this every month and notice the patterns which come up, the growth and change and celebrate each month. Being kind and courageous with yourself. You matter. Journaling, pen and paper is proven to help calm your thoughts, focus your mind and grow your intention to change. Change is uncomfortable, but to change we have to change. Give it a go for 3 weeks or months to give it a chance and I promise you will be surprised. 


In July, awareness dates are always fun to note…. here’s a few: Wednesday 6th was International Kissing Day (not sure how this works but the importance of human connection is key), Thursday 7th was International Chocolate day (I like Carob/Cacao nowadays, at school it used to be a Boost bar, how about you?), Sunday 12th Simplicity Day, Friday 24th Samaritans Listen Awareness Day and 30th Friendship Day.  

Connection is key in creating structure in the chaos, let us help you, reach out or join our Facebook Energised Free Support Group.


I did a little podcast interview with Dave from Do3 Coaching – all around mindset, motivation, overcoming adversity and performance – you can have a listen here. 

Gail has had a busy month going out to Romania to offer sports massage with Team GB Age Group Triathlon, completing the process to officiate 3×3 basketball at the Commonwealth Games coming up at the end of July – she’s made it onto the reserves list, and coming to the end of her Pilates Instructor course which incorporates rehabilitation and neurological conditions. Gail aims to run small group Pilates rehab sessions soon. You can book Gail in here.

BIG Well Done to our clients competing at Britains Fittest Farmer, GB Synchro World Champs, Montreal World Triathlon Champs, IM Frankfurt & lots of local 5km, 10km and many other events, races and business growth. You are all stars. 

I hope your Summer is filled with all you need and wish for, if we can help do get in touch.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for continuing to adapt and work with us, I really value each and every one of you.  And thank YOU to everyone who has done a 5* review or given feedback to improve, this means so much.

We are a community of support, a business with tools to support change, enhance wellness and grow confidence, and a circle of friendship and kindness, you all matter.  

Yoga Nidra

Our next online Yoga Nidra is Thurs 1th August and you can book here, or get in touch with any questions if you are unsure what it is etc.

Keep well and we are here to support you.

Happy, happy July.

‘You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.’ 

Buddhist monk 

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