Chase the Sun Charity Challenge this June

Around the Summer Solstice a wonderful little charity called Sunflower Suicide Support is organising a 10km Chase the Sun challenge, open to everyone and you can do the 10km exactly how you wish. It’s a brilliant charity which supports people following suicide and helps open up conversations. If you would like to join the links are below and it’s open to everyone. I can help you too, just pop me an email.

Death and rebirth, always in my heart, our families, all your friends. Intertwining, in the fabric of life’s journey.
May grief and loss be met with courage and hope to all those who need. 

Jenny, my very good friend and cousin took her life and like so many, did not realise how much she meant to so many people.

And you… reading this, are deeply loved and I know will matter to so many. More than you will realise. 

Daily, help yourself the best you can, here are a few tips, I hope they help

  • Be brave
  • Ask for professional help
  • Contact a charity
  • Read, journal, listen to music
  • Connect with nature, people or animals
  • Understand what brings you pain
  • And gently commit to healing 
Give yourself time, yet be committed. Notice what brings you happiness and find a little of this daily. 

Thank you for the hardest lessons in growth following loss and trauma. I can hold space for others to find a way forwards with more depth and empathy.

As for us all, loss is part of life, and love is courage to live, in all its chaos. 

Thank you for your lifetime of friendship, love, laughter and wild wanders, Jenny. 

Wherever you find yourself reading this, take a moment to connect with what and who you love, dance to the rhythm of your soul. 

For all we truly have is now. Run wild and free, find your joy.

Challenge yourself – Take part in Chase the Sun by Sunflowers Suicide Support from Sunday 19th June 2022 until Sunday 26th June 2022.

Come take care of you – Join us for our Summer Yoga Nidra and Oracle Card session on Tuesday 21st June at 6.45pm BST, a space for around an hour to connect virtually, recharge, pause and realign as we flow into the summer of 2022. The session will be online and recorded for playback, I’d love to welcome you, so come and recharge, rest and connect in a safe, supportive space – no experience required. Learn more and sign up here. The session is in the Chase the Sun week and all profits will go to Sunflower Suicide too.

If you would like to discuss 1:1 online coaching or would like support please do get in touch here, in confidence and with no pressure.

Credit: Sunflower Suicide Support