You don’t eat do you….. ? A brief thought for you.

#Kimpossible conversation in the gym…..’How do you get ab definition & get so fit (firstly, this is relative as there is always someone fitter)? I suppose you don’t really eat anything and live here, what 3hrs a day… I don’t have time for that? LADIES (&GENTS), listen up!!

I eat, I LOVE food, it fuels my mind, body and soul… its social, it gives you energy and it makes you think clearly….. I love to train, it makes me feel strong, more confident and gives me more energy. I train most days, because I want to & I enjoy it , a balance of strength, power, cardio, stretch, posture and core…. this varies depending on my goal and focus, sometimes I only train a couple of times a week if I am focusing on other life goals and allow my body to adapt and rest. I eat & hydrate well! I eat 3 good balanced meals, and again depending on training goal sometimes more if my priority is a fitness/performance goal. I listen to how my body feels when I eat foods and train… I know that sleep, recovery, FUN and balance is key to build motivation, confidence and happiness.

Please realise that to feel and look good for you is a journey, we are always learning…. yet if you look at someone and think, they look good, find out what they do, learn from them, have patience and courage, think differently, define your identity…. I am always learning, from so many amazing, inspiring, focus people that I know. We all have days when we think… hmm, I don’t really like this bit or I don’t feel so confident… they are just days, they are part of being a human being (bean). But what I can tell you is that choosing to spend your time to develop what you want to achieve, eating regularly and allowing laughter & love into your life, in what you do, who you spend time with and where you sit you focus is key ┬áSo… Yes I do eat (lots just not much rubbish nowadays, but ask people I rode horses with years ago and it was different, habits to take to change and form), yes I choose to train regularly, yes

I have moments when I doubt myself (especially with the brain condition) and do comparison too yet,overall I focus on being my best, laughing & loving…..Life is short, enjoy each moment, if you don’t like something, change your thinking & change your habits… if you want to do something, I give you permission and courage to begin… scary but do start….. you are a wonderful person and you CAN make that little seed on idea a reality (and if this makes you emotional, don’t worry, it’s just the fear of letting go and beginning to believe in you….). I hope this little ramble helps answer the question that I’m often asked, (And I have asked many people I am inspired by!).

Happy, happy April… keeping fooling those excuses & focusing on those goals

Love to know what you think… have courage, believe in you. I do.

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