Energised March News

I would love to know how you are, send me a quick message with one feeling word and one focus for the week, I’ll reply and support you.

This photo is from Brean Down, as part of Bert dog and my #brainwalk month during February, to raise awareness and funds for the little, Encephalitis Society.  We raised over £100 and walked 880,000 steps, big pats to Bert!  (There is another walking challenge in April in the events at the base of this post, I’d love you to join us).

During the World chaos, it is important you have people around you for support.  I am one of those if you wish. 

I hope March has been a month filled with nourishing renewal, spring growth, hope and strength.  I wondered what you may have needed to help you this month, your life circle and the wider world chaos.   What habits have you picked up which are helping, and perhaps some less helpful which you could notice and adapt?  

Take a piece of paper and note some thoughts down.

My little thought is about the power of flexibility: 

  • How flexible are you when things are out of your control? Our own home pressures and life challenges our normal and what we can manage. 
  • Life, like nature flows in seasons I believe.  The key is to be accountable yet adaptable to the present moment, with an awareness, hope and focus for the medium to longer term – which ever feels appropriate to manage for you during these times. 

Here’s 4 really simple tips, choose one or your own to help this week/month: 

❄️ Smile, find a moment of joy in the chaos, however small – notice something every day and share, pause, breathe it in.

❄️ Nurture your relationships, communicate clearly, value yourself and those around you, add value. Nurture your mind and body, good food, sleep, thoughts and mindfulness.  Write down what this would actually be for yourself – as it has to make sense.

❄️ Open your mind to opportunities that wouldn’t be there if the chaos hadn’t happened, be flexible, adapt and grow. I find keeping a list of things you want to action this year can help to re visit when you can’t do what your priority was. What would be the 1 thing to action?

❄️ Walk tall, lengthen your posture and take some head space to create your flow through the chaos – often in times of stress we hunch ourselves up, forget to breathe and stand tall.  Changing this makes a massive difference to how you feel overall, so check in with your posture as you read this and take a deep breath.

Let me know how you go, and if you need support just let me know – we can help you in life in general, or for a specific race, marathon, adventure, business idea or general confidence without self sabotage….🙌

Dare to do different if you can’t do what you want right now…. something is always possible, even if not everything. 

Interesting Links and Shares, let me know what captures you:   

Throughout March Gail has been continuing her professional knowledge and learning with Pilates, Basketball Referring at International Level and brilliant sports therapy.  For myself, I am mid way through my Mental Health First Aid Training, Applied Facial Diagnosis and Treatment for Trauma and Rejuvenation plus Somatic Work. 

I would like to thank each of you so very much for reading our news blogs, sharing, connecting, working with us, writing a review.  I truly value each of you and navigating a little business during these times has been fascinating, challenging, rewarding, daunting, humbling, a huge bucket of gratitude and full of hope for the future. 

And if you have any questions do just pop me a message, we are always here – an open, safe, confidential email door is open.

Energised Event’s & Charity Support this Spring  – book here 

100% Proceeds will go to Ukraine Choose Love Refugee Appeal and Edie’s Autism Support Dog in line with Comic Relief.

You can join even if you can’t make it and will send a recording, or/and just donate if drawn here.

  • April Charity Weekend Challenge online in Jenny’s Memory for Spafford Children’s Charity, our great great grandmother founded this   – more to come (1-4th April – the aim is do 35 mins, miles, km of movement).
  • Coast to Coast Pet Blood Bank Charity Online Challenge, everyone welcome to join Team Energised.
  • Wednesday 4th May – Energised 18th Birthday Celebration, The White Horse Private Room, Westbury on Trym, 6 – 8pm BST, everyone welcome, we would really love you to be with us. 
  • 1st May – Energised 18th Birthday Online Charity Feel Good Challenge – more to come.

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