February Feel Good Thoughts

At the start of the year we shared some daily feel good tips to help people feel good, with people donating at the end. We raised £201 for Above and Beyond NHS charity, and the tips helped people feel good. Below are a few of them, perhaps choose up to 3 to action in February and let me know if they help.

1. Your life of Adventures is waiting 

What adventure/challenge would you like to make happen within the next 3 years? With lockdown life and the virus it can be hard to think further ahead.  Journalling big and little adventure ideas, perhaps new or different ones to before Covid, can be really helpful.  An adventure could be a new business (this is my friend’s daughter who is 11 and her Etsy little business, all done by herself, I’ve bought 3 candles to support as I remember being that age and the excitement it gives, any age really supporting a new / small business owner).  

2. Intention

What is your intention for today and the week ahead, and how do you want to feel? Write it down and commit to making it happen.

3. Take a chance

Take every chance in life, as some things only happen once. 

4. Speak to a Good Friend

Someone you have not spoken to for a while, tell them what they mean to you. A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.’ Nelson Mandela 

valentines day card, love and kindness concept, heart painted on frozen glass window

5. Random Act of Kindness

Give/Do a Random Act of Kindness for a Stranger and for someone you know, and for YOU, please do one for yourself too  – this will make you feel great too, let me know what you do.

6. Find that sparkle inside you

You know the one that gives you that passion and energy, the power to believe in yourself, the courage to begin and the commitment to achieve anything you want. Allow yourself to shine brightly today.

* Action – journal what this actually means to you and what you will do.

Someone you have not spoken to for a while, tell them what they mean to you. ‘A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.’ Nelson Mandela 

7. Choose how you spend you time and your thoughts

Ask yourself and journal around – are your thoughts helpful, kind and useful or self sabotaging/limiting? Often it is a habit which perhaps you have outgrown or could change? I’m here to support you fully. 

8. Free flow and writes down all the things, people and places which make you happy

The tiny and big, share and really connect with them. Then if time, decide how you are going to give back… something for charity, volunteering, charity run, give blood and random act of kindness for a friend, family member or anyone – and give something to yourself too, this is important. Let me know what you do, give and receive please, blue magic.

9. Be the kind of person you would like to meet and spend time with

Talk to yourself, like you would to you best friend, be kind. Enjoy and learn from every moment.

Journal prompt – what could you change today and for the next 21 days to help you be more helpful to yourself, and do you need support with this? 

10. Make a list of your favourite memories this year so far

Little tiny things which make us smile can make all the difference. Then take a moment to think which 3 tips from the feel good boost have helped you the most, or one which you want to spend a bit more time on.  Then note it down in your diary to commit too doing.  If you would like any more support do get in touch or join one of our courses.

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