Flowing to the end of Febuary in the Year of the Tiger and Great Courage

We had a great Yoga Nidra on Friday 4th Feb, raising money for Young Minds. Our Spring date is 18th March and we’d love to welcome you online, no experience is required and a donation from each sign up will go to Edie’s Autism Appeak for her Support Dog.

As February comes to an end, I would love to know how YOU are. As the World continues to unfold during these chaotic times, it’s really important to pause every now and then, and just check in with yourself.  Is there anything I can help you with? If yes, do get in touch.

What is working, and what is not for you right now? 

What can you control, and what could you let go off? 

My little thought for this month is about burnout…. ‘pandemic fatigue

this has been really common over the last year, and I wanted to check in with you all and get you to pause and think about your self care to help reduce burnout. 

‘Doing your best does not mean being so busy ticking every box and working yourself so hard your only stop at the point of mental or/and physical burnout…..’   What do you think and how are YOU? With home schooling, work, family pressures and life stress, this may seem difficult but tiny changes can make a difference to your wellness.   

Perhaps you are really enjoying the changes and they have been helpful for you and your life/relationships? 

I mentor many people who are so focused on achieving great things they end up burning out in mind and/or body or losing the joy of the moment. I think it’s ‘easy’ for this to happen and have learned a huge amount through many experiences, especially during my own health experiences and qualifying in Trauma with Yoga Training.  

I did my research project on PTSD and chronic stress, auto immune conditions and the benefits of yoga.  It was fascinating and a great in depth training or value for depth in my tool box of skills to support you. 

Have a think about when you took some time to ‘switch on’ YOU, be present and nurture your inner spark, and switch off digital, pull up mental limits and I’ll be happy when statements and switch into , ‘how can I be happy now….?’ 

In need of support to feel good this month?

If you would like any support to help you feel good in February, focused and flowing, do get in touch. We’re offering 1:1, oracle card reading, reiki/yoga nidra personalised sessions and much more.

Here are a few shares and client links to explore: 

* I was intereviewed by Sarah, Tough Girl Podcast last year and it was one of the most listened too. This month I was interviewed by Vicky Paul, who has a business around Soul Portraits on her podcast, How to Be Successful – I would love your feedback if you listen. 

* Energised Emily Green has launched her 2022 Jewelry collection online and will be stocked in Kondi Gifts, Bristol UK if you are local.  Have a look and see if anything captures you. 

* Edinburgh Letters can provide bespoke invitations as well as a range of beautiful cards. 

* The wonderful Energised Kalpna Woolf has published her most beautiful second book, Eat, Share, Love (image below), you can pre order here  and all proceeds go to 91 Ways Foundation. 

* Energised Pro Triathlete Emma Cowper is coming back for her first season racing after the birth of her little daughter, you can follow (and support) here 

* Excited to be supporting many of Team Energised with Rat Race Events this year, would love to know if you are doing any events this year and if you need any support or advice. 

*Finally if you would like any Team Energised Clothing we have links, colours and options of some great kit here, order whenever you like now – and lots of great special discount codes for supplements, skin care, blood testing and support.

For sports massage consultations with Gail in Bristol book direct here

Let us know how you are and join our free group support.

And if you have any questions contact us, we are always here.

Keep well as we flow through February, and make time for where and who brings you love.

Energised Event’s In February  – book here 

All February – Join Team Energised for the Encephalitis Brain Walk Month here – it’s free and great support for a little charity and focus for your daily movement.

Join us for our Spring Growth Yoga Nidra & Oracle Card session, in line with Spring Equinox and Summer Time Clock change a space for around an hour to connect virtually, recharge, pause and realign as we flow into the spring summer of 2022. Sign up here.

We are raising money for Edie’s Autism Support Dog. Learn more and make a donation here.