Follow Your ‘What If I Could’

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can do. Begin it now, boldness has genius, power & magic.”


My little business, Energised Performance turned 18 yrs old on May 4th! I can’t quite believe it. I have a big heart full of thanks for every single person around the world who I work with and the awesome humans who support me in my team.

I remember this quote being sent when I started with a kind letter asking if it may be ‘sensible’ to get a more reliable job…..

“Until one is committed, there is always the chance to pull back…”

This line often resonates with everyone I coach. Committing to yourself, a new business, adventure, race, relationships, love, home…. anything is a risk. Yet not fully committing is also. 

– Check in with yourself, are you committing? 

– What’s distracting you or giving you fear? 

These are normal, it’s noticing them and working out what you need to move through them towards what you really wish for and to feel… 

Energised is all about helping humans feel just this. In mind, body and soul – wellness, health, happiness internally to have the energy to do, feel and be what you wish for.

Performance is all about giving you the tools, accountability and holding space to allow you to take action to achieve those tiny or big external goals, the ‘what if I could thoughts…’ for your brave life. 

So from a tiny idea shared with my PE Teacher Norrie Bairner at @mclarenhst to now… life is a big, crazy journey for each of us to navigate and I thank each and every one of you so very much.

Follow your ‘what if I could’, you are enough and have so much potential, I promise… lean in, trust…. I am here, reach out anytime. 

Join us for our Summer Yoga Nidra and Oracle Card session on the 21st June at 6:45 pm, a space for around an hour to connect virtually, recharge, pause and realign as we flow into the summer of 2022. 

All you need is a zoom connection, a comfortable place to lie or sit and the courage to commit an hour of your time. It will be recorded so you can sign up and will be sent the link to play in your own time – and it can be used again. A donation from each full payment will be made to charity. More info here.

For more info on Energised courses visit here, and if you would like to discuss 1:1 online coaching and support send a confidential email.