Happy Energised November

A very Happy Autumn Flow to you all.

As I write this the weather is definitely changing and with that my thoughts turn to how I may support you best during the winter months?  Below are a few very simple thoughts to note down and take action with.  If you would like any support or would like to share your thoughts do get in touch, I would love to hear how you are flowing. I’ve written a post here with Journal Prompts which could be useful.

‘Life starts all over again, When it gets crisp in the fall’.

F.Scott Fitzgerald

Now is a perfect time to write down, reflect with these:

  • Let go of things which no longer serve
  • Plant the seeds of new possibilities…
  • Check in on your mental and physical health, tweaking for the shorter days to keep well and happy

What will you do to make the most of the winter months? 

It is a weird time in the World, so learning to understand your individual struggles and joys during this time is key.  Having the courage to share them with people close to you, and keep connection, communication and care flowing is so important I feel.  The photo above is from a scamper up Sugarloaf mountain in Wales last year, I love how the path meanders through the hills, reminding us to keep going.   

Simple shifts in our daily habits and thoughts, may seem like they won’t do anything, but you may be surprised.  Have a think. 

A couple of things coming up to support you, I would love to welcome you to both:

* Sunday 14th November – Winter Wellness & Priorities Workshop, 6.15pm Online and Recorded  

* Tuesday 14th Dec, 7.15pm – Winter Nidra, Recharge & Oracles Cards, Online and Recorded 

You can book both here, and for any questions just pop an email

If you would like a 1:1 online one off session before the end of the year for any specific goal, wellbeing, stress or anything that you are finding hard, do get in touch. I have a handful of spaces and it could just make a difference to the start of 2022. 

We have been running bespoke blood testing with two excellent Doctors in London for several years now. I’m excited to now be able to offer online blood bookings with another company, Forth Life & Edge, where you can order direct and save 8% (direct to you, no financial benefit to us, but if you tick we can see your results too and offer 1:1 coaching with it).  The direct link is here.   They have a really good App so your results will be checked by a Doctor and then if you opt for a subscription, every 3 – 9 months you can repeat and track.  

If you are curious about this or have any questions, please do send us a message.  It’s not for everyone, but it is a really useful tool if you are feeling run down, on a long wait list or want to enhance winter wellness, training and overall happiness.  Another piece in the jigsaw. 

Last year I was interviewed the World Renowned TrainerDan Roberts on his podcast. It’s quite a long one, but helped last year, and I hope it will have insights and thoughts to help you through the winter months again. I also really enjoyed Aaron’s Interview with Dr John Hopkins about music for cellular healing, anxiety and depression tools.  I recently listened to Pip Stewart Talk at an Adventure Talks evening, her book is brilliant, click here to order. 

Whilst so many things are out of our control and choices, pause and really tune into how YOU and your most valued relationships are.  How can you make today, tomorrow and your month flow?  Really ask yourself this.

So I’m reminding you to feel all the happiness, letting go of any guilt – or to reach out for support if times are tough, as you deserve someone in your corner to lighten the load, if just for an hour or so. 

Be brave to take the hard steps to shift yourself and be able to reflect at the end of 2022 on something you are proud you did or changed.  You matter, 100%.