Little tips & links as we flow into Spring

How are you feeling as we flow into Spring & things gently unfold.   This photo is from the wilds of Bristol in the UK, it kind of captures the everchanging landscape of the weather and world I think. How are things where you live? 

My little thoughts for flexibility  

How flexible are you when things are out of your control? Interesting discussions with clients around this and it’s useful to explore as the path ahead is likely to have areas we can control, and areas we can’t. The key , I believe is being really clear on what we would like to happen, feel and become with what we can control.  And understanding how to manage our emotions, losses and fears around what we cannot control.  Have a journal with it and see how you get on.  Any questions or shares do let me know. 

Here’s 4 little tips to help during chaos, I hope one helps you: 

  • Smile, find a moment of joy in the chaos, however small as it will pass. 
  • Nurture your relationships, communicate clearly, value yourself and those around you, add value. Nurture your mind and body, good food, sleep, thoughts and mindfulness.  
  • Open your mind to opportunities that wouldn’t be there if the chaos hadn’t happened, be flexible, adapt and grow. I find keeping a list of things you want to action this year can help to re visit when you can’t do what your priority was. 
  • Walk tall, lengthen your posture and take some head space to create your flow through the chaos – often in times of stress, and/or bad weather we hunch ourselves up, forget to breathe and stand tall.  Changing this makes a massive difference to how you feel overall, so check in with your posture as you read this. 

Happy days, let me know how you go, and if you need support get in touch – we can help you in life in general, or for a specific race, marathon, adventure, business idea or general confidence without self sabotage.

Dare to do different if you can’t do what you want right now…. something is always possible, even if not everything. 

Here’s a few links you may find interesting… 

How to calm your Nervous System and give it a rest during these times and to reduce the risk of pandemic burnout.

Time to Change, talking about Mental Health around Covid, Eating Disorders Awareness Week (1-7th March), Anxiety and much more. 

 Run Specific Strength Exercises to help prevent injuries – great to do in March as you build up your fitness for races. For bespoke training plans or questions just let us know.

International Womens Day is Friday 8th March, with the theme, #choosetochallenge this year.

Why Yoga Nidra really can help you – our next online session is Sat 20th March, welcoming the Spring Equinox, , tickets on sale now, £18, or £10 if financially affected during these times, plus 2 BIPOC sponsored places, get in touch to book and do share.  

Podcast Interview …. 

I love Tough Girl Podcasts, Sarah has interviewed some amazing people.  So when I was asked, I did feel I got lucky in lockdown, but here’s the link and it’s definitely been my most engaged interview with lots of feedback and suggestions for wild scampers – so i hope you enjoy, and look forward to your suggestions! 

3 new little business we are supporting: 

The Well HQ has been founded by good friend Bella, who I met in the jungle in Belize!! It’s a brilliant resource packed full of courses, workshops and information, with a new book out later this month. Find out more here.

Una CBD patches, perfect to help calm you, improve sleep and all round wellness, KIM20 will give you 20% off your first order (no benefits for us for transparency).

FRE Skincare, I love this company.  I’ve been using their products for over a year now, they are based in Israel near where my great grandmother founded the Spafford Childrens Centre. So it has lots of links, and it’s a really positive, eco friendly company planting trees with every purchase too.  If you would like to try them, KIMINGLEBY gives 10% off, on top of any other offers they have too (this will give me product or planting more trees with them for transparency).

We are tentatively opening Energised HQ on 12th April but will be in touch as things evolve if this will be possible. In the meantime, we are 100% open online for 1;1 run & adventure coaching plans, entrepreneur and life sessions, oracle card readings and personalised nidra. 

We have an exciting new online course coming together for 12 people, more to come.  And the early stages of a podcast…… keep your ears peeled!   On that note, is anyone interested or using Clubhouse? So many different Apps, we love to hear which you love best to support you.

Yoga Nidra sign up here, with a donation to Comic Relief Day.

And if you have any questions do get in touch, we are always here.

Keep well, mind, body and adventuring souls.

‘To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow’ 

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