Happy May!

Wishing you a peaceful, healthy month of May with courage, connection and care. I wonder how you are flowing this Spring with so many changes to our lives over the last couple of years?  

Let me know, it would be good to support you and hear your news.  The landscape of the world is looking pretty different for everyone, and has impacted each person different, so if I can help you at all, please do ask. 

I’ve been working really hard to support everyone I would usually see in person, and those online all over the World, along side community volunteering.  It’s be a busy month, and I feel very grateful for each and every person reading this and connecting, thank you so much. 

May’s thought for you to action, perhaps carve out an hour sometime over the next week for these:

I journal this every month and wanted to share in case it helps you, pop a note in your diary to do this: 

Put today’s date and time at the top of the page:

1. Your Mind Body Check in…

– How are you feeling, energy, movement, posture?

– How is your brain, mood, thoughts, stress?

– How is your sleep, depth, quality?

– How is your digestion, cravings, hydration?

– How is your digital time, conversations, recharge time? 

Score out of 10, and/or write comments 

Choose 3 specific areas to change or focus on for the week ahead and review every week if you have time.

Put today’s date and time, mood at the top of the next page:
2. Your Monthly Reflection and Focus to Flow Forwards

Past month:

– What have you loved, felt happiness about in the last month?

– What have you overcome and learned in the last month? 

– What are you resisting or committing too?

This month: – What are your 4 priorities to make happen, how, why?

– What will you decide and commit to changing habit or thought wise?

Letting go and growth

– Who will you connect with, ask for help/give support?

– Why does this matter to you?

– What, who and where relaxes you, make time for this 

Write it down, reflect and then commit

Be specific, simplify to one thing if you feel overwhelmed, get your family and friends involved, and have fun with it.

Repeat this every month and notice the patterns which come up, the growth and change and celebrate each month. Being kind and courageous with yourself. You matter.

Journaling, pen and paper is proven to help calm your thoughts, focus your mind and grow your intention to change. Change is uncomfortable, but to change we have to change. Give it a go for 3 weeks or months to give it a chance and I promise you will be surprised. 

Share if this helps and let someone who helps you know they matter during this time, #circleofsupport

Let me know your focus for May and if I can support you please do ask.

Do jump into our Facebook Energised Free Support Group here, you will find a safe space and lots of support.

Energised continues to be evolving and adapting to offer you the best. If there is anything we can give you or you would like do ask. 

Connection is key in creating structure in the chaos, let us help you, reach out.

Energised turned 18 years old, on 4th May 2004 I founded this little business, I am incredibly proud of the depth, diversity and determination of such a wonderful group of people all over the World. I cannot thank you enough for connecting with us, choosing to work with us and although we are not meeting in person, I raise a toast to all your successes and very much look forward to continuing to support each and every one of you, including my brilliant Energised team. 

Join me on 21st June for our online Summer Yoga Nidra 6.45pm BST.

Come to Wales for the Big Retreat Festival, I’m presenting Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Any questions or for a cheeky discount, pop me a message. I have a handful I can give to Energised ones. 

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Anything else do ask, we are here to support you bloom this Summer.

Good luck if you are racing, adventuring, facing challenges or taking a pause, all are valuable. 

Keep well and I am here for you.

Keep well, with big Energised Strength and Support.

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