6 Mini Insights from Hay House Ignite


I really love to get out to conferences and meet great people, feel inspired and share insights together, as a keynote speaker or a delegate, it is always worthwhile. Here are my 6 snapshot insights from 6 amazing speakers at the Hay House Ignite Conference in London last weekend. Do pop me a message or tweet which connects with you most & take action. Lets ignite a spark today 

1. Embrace your Fears, embrace your Passion, connect with purpose & have courage right now Rebecca Campbell 

2. ‘Now is your Chance’ with Positive Emotions, Interesting engagements, supportive relationships, meaning, accomplishment and progress, vitality – Boldly shine a light Niyc Pidgeon

3. Heal the relationship you have with yourself, nourish your soul. What are you hungry for…. change, growth, love, connection, fulfilment…. feed this. Intuitive eating with intuitive living, connect with the big picture and happiness you wish for in your life  – Mel Wells   

4. Connect with yourself, remove the layers, it’s okay to be who you are, disrupt your life to create your flow. Clear up your side of the road – take responsibility or the choices you make. Master your mood and recognise your thoughts. Switch off, meditate, connect in. Follow your magic Jessica Huie MBE

5. What do I really want, 3 things? What am I most afraid of, 3 things? What action can I take right now to take a bold risk and embrace my whole big life  Lauren Robertson

6. Stress is a symptom from you mind to press pause. New beginnings require old endings with courage. The purpose of your life is to live it. To live it fully, ignite your soul, be calm, be free. Sandy Newbiggings

Huge gratitude to the amazing speakers (check their links, courses and books out), Hay House Team and wonderful people i met.

Stretching your boundaries, learning, meeting new people, doing different & changing your normal is good for growth…. when did you last do this?

May you Ignite ‘that’ spark within yourself today: making a decision, committing to a goal, changing a habit, letting go of a fear…. let’s leap together!

All my support, I believe in you, Kim

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