How is 2022 going for you so far?

I thought I would say hello as we flow into 2022 and check in, how are you really? 

Do you love the New Year or find it overwhelming? As we flow into our ‘normal routines’ take a pause and ask E yourself, ‘what would you like to do, feel & think differently?’ 

Catching our daily habits which are just that is key in changing things. 

Often we set big challenges, which are great yet there is so much opportunity in challenging our daily habits and making a change. Different music, getting dressed in a different order, drinking with the other hand, changing a thought to something more helpful. 

Neuro plasticity shows us how our brains and nervous system can adapt, whatever age we are. And we respond even better if it’s done with kindness over self sabotage as this calms our nervous system. 

Little thoughts as we flow into January. Let me know if it helps and save to remind yourself at the beginning of Feb if it does. Sharing is good for support so if you feel to drawn to share something you are changing do get in touch.

I’m running a workshop on Sun 23rd Jan, 5.45 GMT online to help you Transform your 2022, an hours coaching workshop, it’s recorded and you are most welcome to join.

And finally, remember to sprinkle a little joy in your day – perhaps a dance to your favourite song, a walk in nature, cooking a meal which helps you feel energised, enjoying a catch up with a friend. For joy builds our resilience and makes change more possible, what brings you joy? 

I believe in you, your potential and just as you are now. 

Often we see someone’s else’s potential but only our mess. Yet the mess is part of the fabric of potential.

Pause if you need, rest is a thing. 

Then Be brave, bold and begin….

Photo credit: Gem Hicks Photography