In celebration of Bert Dog’s birthday month

In July my beloved rescue dog Bert celebrates his birthday and we are giving away a few copies of my little book ‘The Hound of Happiness: 52 tips to feel good: 52 ways to feel good‘ on social platforms  – if you know someone who would like a smile or deserves a pick me up, send me a message. We donate all profits from the book sales to Dog Rescue and Mental Health charities each quarter, order direct from Amazon or for signed copies contact us

Business Teams, Sports Teams, Kids and Adults alike all love this simple book. Follow his instagram here.

  • Nature and connection help me massively, especially wild mountains and trails
  • Where are your happiest places?
  • Check in with yourself
  • I find a good question is, ‘How am I being helpful to myself?’

This is important, as taking care of ourselves matters and is sometimes hard. It is also very different for each of us. 

Through supporting many people over the years, these often come up: 

– walking in nature 

– drinking water daily 

– having some good sleep

– chatting with a friend 

– dancing to music 

– writing in journal 

– hugs or space 

– time with animals 

– regular professional support and a safe space 

– lifting weights

– smiles, belly laughs 

– tasty meal with friends/family 

– getting angry/sad and letting the emotions out 

– having patience 

– nidra, breath work 

– less digital, more presence 

– making a simple change with a room, your style

– learning something new, reading

– flowers and kindness 

– love 

Any resonate for you? 

  • Make a little note right now of something little you will commit to for 21 days – perhaps a thought/feeling to help yourself, or a daily habit change. It can be as tiny or big as you can manage, be curious if it makes a difference. 

You can message me for support and accountability.

  • Next, if you have the energy – think of a couple of people you would like to do something for, keep it simple. Even a little text can make a difference.
  • If I can help, it’s hard to ask, it’s safe and you are not a burden. Burnout and anxiety are affecting many of us and just connecting with someone in a confidential, safe space can make a difference. 
  • There is no right or wrong way to feel, there never is. Mentally healthy is like physical health, it ebbs and flows, sometimes damn hard, other times wonderful.
  • Meeting ourselves where we find ourselves is the bravest thing we can do. 

From here we can reconnect and find possibilities in chaos.

You matter!

Whatever you choose this summer, I am here to support, 1:1 and group for accountability and action, just pop me a message.