Kind words from clients

I always just get on with my Energised coaching, supporting clients to believe in themselves, mind, body and soul – work, life and adventures. Someone asked me what it was like as a client to be coached, so I asked a couple to share a few words below. Having a coach can be so useful for accountability, support and action – someone in your corner. As a coach, I always have a coach which keeps me used to being in a coached role as well as coaching. So, if you have a big or tiny goal you would like support with, do get in touch, it would be a pleasure to help you make the end of 2021 flow,

‘I have had the pleasure, and privilege, of working with Kim for over 2 years now both through the workshops that she facilitates in-person and latterly online due to the Covid-19 situation but also through the 1:1 coaching and mentoring that Kim provides. If I start with the workshops these are always really well planned and delivered in a very engaging way that allows a diverse range of participants, with different goals, to get something out of them and what has been particularly valuable to me is how Kim has transitioned this model from face-to-face to online delivery to continue providing support during these challenging times. As a 1:1 client I value Kim’s skills and abilities to provide coaching in a supportive but challenging way which has allowed me to grow considerably in our time working together. This growth has been evident in both my professional and my personal life.’

Kenneth Dick

Kim Ingleby hosted our third interactive expert session today as part of our 12 week Revive Rebuild Regenerate membership programme. Kim has great depth to her experience & her wellness toolkit is immense! Kim is very knowledgeable and uses that to help individuals with their personal journey through stress, loss, relationships and many other crucial wellbeing pillars in life. Kim shared with us practical ways to help us with sleep, stress, confidence, work… & have more fun! You’ve given us a lot of food for thought, plenty of processing to do & I’m sure we’ll all be helping each other find our Anchor word too! Thank you Kim.

Sarah Cook

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