Little changes to take care of our Planet

‘In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.’

John Muir

Happy every day on this amazing planet, let’s take good care in every little way we each can. I’m really conscious of making changes to help support our planet, and have recently donated to Tree Aid.

  • Love to know products and companies do you recommend? Simple little life changes all make tiny differences… washing liquid, loo roll, banking, search engines, clothing, sanitary products and so much more. 
  • Do share the things you do, sparking ideas and connections for us all.

Some of many making changes are these companies and charitites,


Stand For Trees


Runners Heal

Naked Sprout

Sweaty Betty

Fre Skincare

Frank Water Charity

Explorers Against Extinction

Eco Threads


Tree Aid

UnBEElievable Health

The Big Retreat Festival

Wild Oats Bristol


Impact Marathons

Can’t wait to read yours, tell me all the little businesses creating change so we can share and change more.

I simply love wild open spaces, mountain tops and adventures… where do you love? 

To this beautiful world and you, big nourishing care and support.

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