Mental Health Awareness

Some quick thoughts for mental health awareness:

Gently start to be helpful and learn how to care about yourself with your stories and habits today.

Choose a tip which resonates:

‪- move your body in nature‬

take breaks and breathe deep

‪- journal your thoughts and feelings

‪- be brave to ask for support and connect

create a little list when you feel good to help when you don’t ‬

‪- spend time away from digital ‬

allow your mind and body to rest, with good sleep if possible 

practice mindfulness or meditation, if only a minute a day 

choose foods to help you feel good ‪- connect with people you love

‪- if you’re in overwhelm, communicate with someone, this is the hardest but will help

make time for something which brings you happiness , even if tiny moments they help to build resilience

read, dance, learn, cook, love 

check in with your boundaries and what you’re saying yes and no too 

feel strong in your body and mind

‪- have hope, you are way more resilient than you realise ‬

plan a wild adventure, explore 

give kindness to others – be kind yet committed to uncomfortable good growth within yourself, care about yourself for you matter

What helps you – in life, relationship, sport, work? 

If I can help support you, do get in touch , be brave – it may make the difference this Autumn, even if the scariest thing you do….

As Autumn reminds us, celebrate the vibrant colours in your life, let go of what no longer serves you and plant seeds of ideas and new habits to nourish over the winter.

Reach out anytime – you matter, just as you are and all your ‘what if dreams’.

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