My Work With Personal Trainer & Recent Amputee Melanie Ryding

I feel very privilaged to have been described as an influential person in the life of Personal trainer and recent amputee Melanie Ryding. Watch the video here.

Mel and I first met in Budapest where Mel was competing in the World Triathlon championships, and I was the Team GB Sport Therapist.

We worked together with a few simple techniques using NLP & Hyonotherapy, which Mel worked on and went on to race a personal best time. I’m so proud of how Mel has evolved her way of thinking and trained herself to have a positive mindset and habits, with in her words, ‘the sky is the limit/glass is full’ attitude.

After working with Mel at several future events & running workshops with her UK Triathlon Club, Mel made the brave decision to leave it all and head to New Zealand. Here she continued to support clients from all backgrounds and ages to fulfil their goals.

Over the last few months Mel has recently become an amputee, and openly has shared her journey, focus & commitment to each stage of recovery. She really is an inspiration and I encourage you to watch her Youtube if you are drawn. I have no doubt at all that if I am working as a Sports Therapist for Team GB in the future, I will see Mel at the start and finish line in the para-athlete category.

It’s a huge privalege to be a tiny part of Mel’s team in the UK and NZ, and I wish her all the support in the World and great respect, as she continues to navigate life as a new amputee.

Her company is called Ryding 2 Health and you can find more about them on their YouTube channel here.

Connect with Mel on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

If you would like any mental strength coaching support or 1;1 training plans for Autumn goals, do get in touch for a confidential , free chat here.