7 Top Tips for Setting New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are a funny thing don’t you think?  Every year we often set the same goals, using the same words and go for it 100%, then by February, we have lost focus, life has taken over and we resolve to ‘try again’ next year.  This blog is to help you work out your priorities, take action and make a positive, permanent change this year.

Here are my Top 7 Tips which I use with my all my clients, right up to my GB Olympic Athletes to Strictly Come Dancing People! They are part of a proven system that really does help you achieve your goals & get you Fitter…. So if you would really like to makeyour Very Best Year  have a read of the tips below, take action for 21days consistently and let me know how you get on….. I dare you to go for it!

  1. Why? Become really clear on your Motivation
  • Write down all the reasons why you are aiming to complete this goal, and next to the reason – why this is important to you and how this makes you feel – all stated in the positive. Then highlight the top three motivators and pin them somewhere to keep you focused, and to remind you when motivation is low.
  1. It is important to write things down as this will clarify things in your mind and make things a reality.
  1. Make a plan that works for you & stick to it


  • Write down the amount of time you are going to do per week to allow you to reach your goal, and then plan it in your diary – just like an appointment to make sure you do it. Make sure you discuss the plan with your close family and friends so they support and encourage you.
  1. Make yourself accountable with two people & believe in yourself
  • Once you have a clear plan, motivation and positive focus tell two people what you are planning to do, how you would like to feel and how they could support you. By sharing things with people you are much more likely to achieve you goal, and enjoy the process.  Choose people who will be positive and encouraging in their support to you, and if you need to get professional support to make your goal happen, be brave and invest in this, 100% it makes a difference.
  1. Keep a feel good diary as well as a training diary, and use positive self talk


  • Write down 3 positive things that have happened each day for at least 21days, you will be surprised by how this changes your focus, and makes you focus on the positive things around you. It will help to dissolve stress before you sleep too.  If you are really stressed about something, write this down first with a plan around how you can resolve this.  Often people will notice a pattern of things that make them feel good, and people. Make sure you surround yourself with people who make you feel good!
  1. Have Clear Goals Yet Be Flexible & Listen to your Body
  • It is really important that you have clear goals so you have path to follow, yet with that you have the flexibility to change things if things come into your life that are unplanned, be kind to you! Combined with this look after your body and mind, eat good food, have quality sleep and a balance of focus on your goals, combined with relaxation and fun time.
  1. Surround Yourself with Positive People & Act as If…
  • Choose two or three people who inspire & motivate you in a really positive way. For instance, you may admire confidence, fun and self-belief as qualities in different people, and wish you felt a bit more like this. To achieve this, all you have to do, is begin to ‘Act as If’ – it sounds simple, and people don’t believe it will work but, if you choose to switch your focus and start to act a tiny bit more say ‘confident’ (or less unconfident is sometimes easier to start with) it will begin to happen – Trust me! Watch how they behave, listen to what they say, and try to imagine what it would feel like to be in their body – then ‘act as if’ you did have these qualities.  It can be a famous athlete, a club runner you know, a celebrity or a friend – it doesn’t even have to be someone you know – just a quality you would like more, and a person who represents that quality. Then surround yourself with Positive Friends and Family who will help you move towards your goals.  We do this technique with our Elite Athletes and Stunt Performers, as well as everyday individuals with great results.
  1. Create a clear, positive outcome, excuse strategy & vision board for your BIG GOAL!
  • Take a big sheet of coloured paper (if you don’t have any …go out and buy a piece) and write in the middle “How will I make my Big Goal …….. Happen by …….” Then write down, cut out photos, pictures, words etc all around it of the things you need & want to happen, from feelings to achievements, wealth to fun. Have not limits to your board, and every time you find something that motivates you, add to the board! Put it up somewhere you will see daily, it really will help keep you motivated and focused. I have done this with several of my GB athletes heading for 2020 and I know this will just enhance their focus. On a separate piece of paper write your top 3 excuses or reasons why you may not achieve your goal, this could be time, self-belief, uncontrollable things like illness, trauma, etc and next to it, create a little summary of what you will do to overcome the excuse.  Remember, excuses are often our safety habits, yet with awareness and focus we can change them.

So….. Some may argue easier said than done, but I would argue it is harder to stay where you are. However, it has to be the right time to change how you feel, achieve big goals and make things happen. So take some time on the evening you read this article, about an hour, and write some ideas down. Then create some mini goals, and just begin!

Don’t get too worried about the detail, sometimes its easier just to begin.  Let us know how you get on, trust & believe in yourself and if we can help in anyway do just send us an email, tweet or comment on InstagramFacebook! I am more than happy to help you.   Dare you to Make this year brilliant

With BIG New Year Happiness and Support,

Your Coach Kim (email me if you would like 1:1 support, to find out more about our Mentoring year, online workshops and more)