Podcast Interview – Respect Yourself and Your Running

It was great speaking with Jaclyn Ricchio Stover on the ‘Actually, You Are a Real Runner‘ podcast where we discuss the importance of respecting yourself and your running.

Listen to the podcast interview here.

Jaclyn is a master teacher, certified health and life coach, Head Pizza Eater at Imperfect Eating Coaching, and Okayest Runner and Podcaster at Actually, You Are a Real Runner. She helps women learn to eat some pizza without eating all the pizza, stop being a jerk to themselves, and actually enjoy the life and body they have.

Jaclyn wrote a brilliant post about running, here is what she had to say:

I think we have to go through a lot of trial and error in life⁠ to realise what really matters.⁠

We spend a lot of time thinking about race paces⁠ or how many miles we ran⁠ or how many calories we ate⁠ or the number on the scale…⁠

Because we don’t feel enough⁠ and maybe accomplishing that⁠ will help us feel enough…⁠

And then (maybe) we arrive to this place -⁠ we accomplish the social media worthy goal,⁠ we cross the race finish line,⁠ we put on the size ___ pants finally,⁠ and we’re like,⁠ “Shit! It’s still not enough! ⁠I did all this work.⁠

I micromanaged all the details!⁠ This wasn’t it. ⁠I’m still unhappy.⁠

I’m still not enough!

Can you relate?⁠

I want Kim Ingleby in my ear⁠ every day⁠ to remind me to⁠ respect myself,⁠ respect my body,⁠ and respect running.⁠

You can work on a goal⁠ and learn to enjoy/respect⁠ the process too.⁠

And that might mean⁠ changing to a different goal…⁠

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