Rachel Ann Cullen’s Running for Our Lives shares the transformative power of running to help people overcome adversity 

Rachel Cullen’s new book, ‘Running for Our Lives‘ is a truly wonderful, inspiring and thought provoking book, I loved it. The depth and meaning in the stories are so powerful, a real motivation for all ages and abilities, the curious and competitive to feel inspired by. It’s full of life affirming stories through the power of running, weaved with reminders to dare to see what’s possible and live bravely.

Here’s a summary:

Running for Our Lives is a powerful book about how running can help ordinary people to overcome struggles and challenges in their lives in incredible ways. 

In discovering the life-changing potential of running and the positive effect of it on mental health for herself, as described in her first book, Running For My Life, Cullen found a hugely supportive community of runners with their own inspirational stories to tell. Running for Our Lives shares these important stories, alongside Cullen’s own, showing the power of sport to transform lives.

Cullen said: ‘Every time I’ve received a message from somebody who has read Running For My Life over the last four years and they’ve shared part of their own story with me, it became increasingly evident that we have many things in common. In Running for Our Lives I wanted to explore the many ways that running brings us together and connects us. I realised that we don’t need to have lived the same life experiences to know how running helps us all to heal. I wanted to share some of those stories, because these are the stories that inspire me the most.’

Running for Our Lives is now available to pre-order from the Vertebrate Publishing website. For more details, please visit here.

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