Remembering The Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards

What or who helped change the course of your life? Love to know. 

After challenging school years, I found The Duke of Edinburgh Awards and I can honestly say, on reflection, it changed the course of my life. 

I don’t keep much ‘stuff’ (do you?) but found these. They reminded me of how much I learned, explored and was challenged.

The bus pass was tucked into my Gold Log book, if my ‘long suffering’ parents couldn’t take me the 45min+ drive to the youth centre to try and persuade enough people to do the Gold Award, I would take the one bus a day. 

The The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award gave me a sense of purpose and commitment to complete tasks, learn, talk to people and do challenging things.

5 day Expedition planning, ‘an interesting mountain route in uninhabited glens’ assessor says, I remember not being able to walk after & eating a lot of fizzy worms! 

  • Mountain First Aid Certificate 
  • Volunteering with Riding for the Disabled, 
  • Fundraising & working for local charities, raising £586.22
  • Army Familiarisation Residential Week with Black Watch Battalion… ‘although new to the Army, Kim showed great determination, helping others & overall well mannered…’ 
  • Cycling to work at a farm life centre, cleaning animal pens, milking goats, making oatcakes 

Without a doubt, it was chaos combined with school, siblings and life. Yet without it, I’m not sure if I would have done the adventures and fundraising I have, had the courage to talk to anyone and to basically give life a go.

My little tips would be… 

what can you do to help yourself? 

what can you do to help someone else? 

what’s the ‘thing’ you keep wishing you could do? 

Take a step today, ask someone for help, do some research, just begin… is it better to have tried than keep wondering? 

be brave each day – do one thing or choose a feeling which will make a difference 

What has changed the course of your life? 

Thank you The Duke of Edinburgh for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, may you rest peacefully and much respect to The Queen and the lifetime you shared together.

I wonder if I’m playing my life too ‘safe’ now…

It’s good to ask questions.

Click here to visit the Duke of Edinburgh award site.

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