September Sunset: An Opportunity to Reset & Realign Your Autumn Flow

September is known for the Aster flower associated with wisdom, love and hope. Its colour is sapphire, a deep blue which in the Middle Ages represented protection, trust and loyalty. Interesting, useful? 

2nd Sept is the Full Corn Moon, a perfect time to set your intentions for the Autumn, letting go of what you no longer need and planting the foundations of what you hope for.

I chose three cards in the live for my recent Mentoring group:

  • Take a risk / make a decision
  • Open yourself to love 
  • Be flexible yet disciplined 

Take a moment to journal:

  • 3 key goals to make happen 
  • 3 well-being habits to focus on
  • 3 fun/learning/change things 

If you would like to discuss/chat about 1:1 coaching to support your goals contact me here.

Blessed with this incredible sunset looking out to Wales.

May your September have depth, soul, strength, smiles and support.

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Photo: Sunset, Severn Bridge