To the start line of The Great Run Stirling Marathon ….

As you read this I will hopefully be somewhere between flying to Scotland, running/walking and sitting at Edinburgh Airport with my Great Run Stirling Marathon medal around my neck and a few pennies in the pot for 4 little charities, to celebrate my 4 years post weils and ‘Roland’s’ (as I have named my encephalitis phases!)  adventurous learnings……!

I thought I had tamed the beast, but he has really enjoyed his 4th Birthday week, which has led to an interesting taper week, a re scheduled flight and as I type this, hopefully arriving within a whisker to walk/jog around the route and pray my noise cancelling headphones do the trick from mile 17 – 26!!
Most importantly, I’m running this marathon as it’s in my homeland, where I grew up, and I’m supporting a special family who run the farm at home.  If you want to read more and support click here:
Whilst I’m running around Stirling Marathon I have clients racing at Eton and Stockport Triathlon’s for qualifiers for the Triathlon Champs, and ladies running the Snowdon Half Marathon too…. so impressive and massive WELL DONE!  What are you doing this weekend? Love to know…
One of my ‘old’ clients, Felicity Cole, a great athlete and trainer had some Mental Strength Training with me over a couple of years, she is truly talented and has written a little summary of her learning’s.
So whilst I’m running and up in Scotland for 48hrs, I thought her words were the wisest to share, not just for sport, but life too.
”A few things (of many!) that racing in triathlon and endurance sport have taught me that can apply to many areas in life.1. You can always do more than you think you can.
What you think you can or can’t do begins in your mind. If you change the way you look at things you’ll be truly surprised at what you can do.

2. Rest is as important as the training.
Triathletes and endurance athletes are notorious for squeezing in just one more session but as with everything in life it comes back to balance. I’ve learnt the hard way that rest is not only good for your body, it’s good for the mind and the soul.
3. Being present and focused.
A present state of mind is incredibly valuable to any athlete or anyone trying to bring their best. Being in the moment brings a heighten awareness and an ability to deal with that person accidentally kicking you in the face in the swim, your bike skidding off course on a wet road and listening/feeling what’s going on in your body when you run.

4. Control the controllables.
Let go of control, expectations and outcomes.

We cannot control other people, the future and the weather! Show up, work hard, do YOUR best. 
One person that really helped me with the mental side of racing is the amazing
Kim Ingleby  #triathlon #endurance #mindset ”
Such a great summary – Do choose one tip and take it forwards this week….
If you would like some support this June to make your goal or positive changes happen,  don’t be afraid to reach out for help,
With BIG Support Always & check back next week for my race report, training logs, kit and tips, plus a cheeky offer 🙂
Kim xx

‘You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself…. ‘ Alan Alda

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