Suicide Awareness Day: Remembering Jenny

Today is World Suicide Awareness Day.

May the sun shine warm on your face and you have a pause to reflect as we head into Autumn.

Remembering Jenny. Thinking of family, friends affected by suicide and anyone who needs support.

I went for a big walk this morning, and noticed these little things. I hope it helps you and someone you know. 

Feather – Commonly known as a sign from a loved one above, yet also a symbol for freedom, taking flight, hope and peace. 

Thistle – Part of the sunflower family, in Celtic mythology they represent bravery, determination and strength. The bold purple and green colours link with the head and heart connection, beauty and boundaries. 

Buttercups – Humility, simplicity, self worth and trust. 

Acorn – In Celtic, Nordic and Druid cultures they were considered sacred. Representing truth, wisdom, self discipline and staying humble. It takes 20yrs before the acorn is formed, showing patience, resilience and harmony in life is key. 

Both of us born in Scotland and living in Bristol, Jenny left us in Sept 2018. Sharing Tip 35 from my little book, as she helped edit it, and was 35yrs. We always went on big wanders with Jake. He helped and is now, I am sure, looking out for her up above. 

The journey of life is complex, beautiful, unknown and open for us all. Like the roots of an oak tree, everything is intertwined. Mental health is like physical and spiritual health, it matters to us all. Suicide, like many sudden, unknown life events, changes everything. 

May you find the time, words and space to have the courage to share your love, compassion and care to those who really matter to you, and to yourself. And may you remember sharing your joy is important too. It builds resilience and turns our awareness to hope. 

For all we truly have is today and you matter.

If you need support contact me here.

Watch my TEDx talk here and buy my little 52 ways to feel good book (profit to charity) here.

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