The Big Retreat Festival in Wales was Brilliant, 2023 tickets available now

How is June flowing for you?

I loved being at the The Big Retreat Festival and The shelf help Book Club over 3 – 6th June.

I loved meeting so many awesome people, thank you for coming to all my sessions. I was totally in the moment so I forgot to take photos during the sessions, and now is the time for post reflections and planning before afternoon coaching including team Synchro as they prepare for the World Championships. I would like to express gratitude for everyone I work with.

2023 tickets are now available for this magical festival in a beautiful location, if you have any questions or requests do please ask. Huge well done to Amber and her team for bringing it all together.

And if it’s too far for you but you would like something online, with your workplace and near you do get in touch, anything goes, you never know the power of community and connection.

Click here to view my Big Retreat Instagram reel.

Big support and keep well, Coach Kim