The Wellness Pathway Podcast Interview: Overcoming Fears, Self-sabotage and Taking Action

I’m very excited to have been part of the launch of the Wellness Pathway podcast founded by PR Professional Sandra Finlay-Day

What is the Wellness Pathway?

THE WELLNESS PATHWAY podcast provides interviews with people who have transformed their lives whether that be physically, spiritually, emotionally or even pursued a new calling or life journey. Sandra also speaks with experts and teachers with valuable insights and techniques to support them on their journey to achieve real results, and inspire them to lead the life they want. Her goal for this podcast is to spark curiosity, expand your mind and encourage self-discovery that will empower you to take control of your well-being, achieve balance and get closer to your higher purpose in life.

What we talk about

I explain more about Neuro Linguistics Reprogramming and how it is possible to use techniques to help with fears, self-sabotage and resistance, and how we can use techniques to achieve goals and build confidence. 

For those who feel like you have so much more to offer, or something inside you is holding you back, we hope that this discussion might inspire you to be curious about discovering your potential.

We hope you will gain a lot from this conversation that will move you towards being your best self. We encourage you to listen to the very end of the conversation where I provide some simple steps we can do to help us transform ourselves today. 

Listen to our podcast interview here.

Really hope you enjoy, and I’d love to hear any questions or feedback.

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