Unlocking Your July, Journal Prompts & News

Are you well? Are you unlocking where you are in the World or do things feel a bit chaotic for you?  

I would love to know. And if you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed or unsure how to put new, exciting plans into place, please reach out and ask for support.  

I’ve been helping people online develop new business plans into action, overcome anxiety and stress and realign their 2021 so when we get to the end of the year, we can reflect back with value and gratitude.  

Sport is back in action

…with new clients racing motorbikes and rally cars, Euro 2020, Wimbeldon, qualifying for the Olympics (yes!!), Guy has been cycling for Leukemia and many adventure races, including some Ironman Races, Aspire 10km, Horse Eventing and Charity. Race to the Stones later this month. Good luck, good luck if you are racing or training for an Autumn event perhaps? 

Are you watching the football, tennis or Tour de France – for me it’s the tennis, I think Andy Murray’s resilience post his operations and with 4 young children is inspiring. 

It’s really good to have models of excellence to inspire, have a think about who 2 – 3 could be for you and note them down. 

Also, as we are Half way through the year,  is a great time to make time reflect on the last 6 months, and focus your thoughts, priorities and flow for the next 6. If you would like support creating it, get in touch.

Podcasts and Online Resources

A podcast which I have been listening to which has some great interviews, especially around health and wellness, is the Align Podcast. I connected with Aaron when I went to Los Angeles on a business mastermind a couple of years ago.  

I’m enjoying Dr Rupy’s podcast, with the most recent about building relationships.  I was interviewed by The Wellness Pathway Podcast, if you would like to have a listen the link is here.

For our adventure travellers, Suitcase is a magazine/online resource I really like, it’s packed full of great blogs and information, worth a look – but I’m not responsible if you spend longer than planned! In line with this, Stanfords book of the month is here, with lots of other book recommendations. 

July’s check in to action: 

Following from June, make the time over the next couple of days to do this quickly and simply – if you have done the last couple of month’s you can reflect on the changes.  If you need support, just send me a message and let me know how you are flowing with it.

Put today’s date & time top the page:

1. Your Mind Body Check in…

How are feeling, energy, movement, posture?

How is your brain, mood, thoughts, stress?

How is your sleep, depth, quality?

How is your digestion, cravings, hydration?

How is your digital time, conversations, recharge time? 

🔹Score out of 10, and/or write comments 

Choose 3 specific areas to change or focus on for the week ahead & review every week if time

Put today’s date & time, mood at top of next page

2. Your Monthly Reflection & Focus to Flow Forwards

Past month:

What have loved, felt happiness about in last month?

What have you overcome and learned in last month? 

What are you resisting or committing too?

This month: – What are your 4 priorities to make happen, how, why?

What will you decide & commit too changing habit or thought wise?

Letting go & growth

Who will you connect with, ask for help/give support?

Why does this matter to you?

What, who & where relaxes you, make time for this 

Write it down, reflect & then commit

Be specific, simplify to one thing if I’m overwhelm, get your family and friends involved, and have fun with it.

Repeat this every month and notice the patterns which come up, the growth and change and celebrate each month. Being kind and courageous with yourself. You matter. Journaling, pen and paper is proven to help calm your thoughts, focus your mind and grow your intention to change.

Change is uncomfortable, but to change we have to change.

Give it a go for 3 weeks or months to give it a chance and I promise you will be surprised. 

Several of Energised completed the Chase the Sun 10km for Sunflower Suicide Support Charity in early July and our Yoga Nidra raised money for them.  


Our next Yoga Nidra is Sunday 8th August, online and I would love to welcome you along, book here or send me a message. In September we have an 8 Day Challenge, Online Autumn Coaching Workshop and a new 6 week course, all coming soon. Contact me if you would like to be on the wait lists. 

I hope this has filled you with tools and links, connection and care to support you through the month, the open road awaits…. love the photo from Marrakesh Half Marathon, made me smile, can’t wait to adventure again!  

Connection is key in creating structure in the chaos, let us help you, reach out.  

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