Welcome The New Well HQ, and Why it’s Great…

I met Bella, one of the founders of The Well HQ, in a jungle in Belize! A long time ago, when we were both volunteering for Raleigh International. Swinging in hammocks, building walls for a school & cutting down secondary jungle whilst forming life long friendships immersed in the local community. It was a crazy, special time, including a maggot being cut off my head….. another story. But perhaps capturing your mind to explore the truly special hub three wonderful humans have created. Do read on, sign up to their courses (discount code below), buy their book coming soon and generally spread the word. (I’m not being paid and no incentive to write that, I just genuinly love the resource & highly recommend)

Founded by Baz, Bella and Emma – the coach, the GP and the scientist, The Well is a learning hub built on cutting-edge science, expertise and experience.

Their mission statement:

Through community, resources and support for women and those who work closely with women, we can bridge the knowledge gap. We can become the architects of our own health, happiness and performance.

About The Well HQ: 

Vaginas and vulvas, periods and pelvic floors. These things are important. They’re not just physiology – they play a vital role in how we think, train and perform. Even today, health data doesn’t adequately represent women. When knowledge gets stuck and insights don’t flow, women train on half-truths and crap science. At The Well, we help active women – and those who support them – gain knowledge and know-how in women’s health so they can thrive in health, in sport, in life.

Join their email list here, and start the conversation. Listen. Don’t be embarrassed by terminology or language. A movement is starting – let’s all be a part of it.

What’s coming up with the NEW WELL HQ:

They have recently launched their online webinars two ways:

Train like a Woman

Their free introduction to what they’re all about. Over 60 minutes they’ll take you on a whirlwind discussion of key women’s health topics and what can be done right now – from the menstrual cycle, pelvic health, breast support, nutrition, mindset, facilities and culture. Get ready for your mind to be blown!

Deep Dive Sessions

Hour long deep dive sessions on single topics to break down taboos, share knowledge, and give you practical resources to start making changes and unlocking potential.

Find out more and book here.

Finally, they’d be happy to offer you wonderful Energised readers a 10% discount when booking any courses or webinars, using the code ENERGISEDPERFORMANCE10 at checkout.

Contact The Well here.

Learn more about them on their blog here.

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Love to know if you sign up to the courses and how you get along. I’m about to do them, as refreshing knowledge is always useful. If I can help you with a one of coaching session during these times of change, or perhaps more long term support, I have a couple of spaces opening in April. Pop me an email for a relaxed chat.

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Photo credits: The Well HQ