Bare Biology have recently launched Vim & Vigour – their brand new vegan omega-3 supplement made from sustainably sourced algae. I’ve been testing over the last couple of weeks and really recommend it. I’ve used Bare Biology Omega 3 supplements for years, so was excited to test their Vegan blend. I’m not sponsored in anyway, so it’s a genuine share of a good qaulity, ethical product from a small yet wonderful company.

Wondering why they decided to dip their toe into the plant-based market? They strongly believe that everyone should feel the benefit of omega-3, including those who can’t or choose not to eat fish.

Vegan omega-3 that’s strong enough to make a difference is hard to come by, which is why Melanie, Founder and CEO of Bare Biology, hunted down the purest, sustainable and most effective algae to go into Vim & Vigour. 

2 daily capsules contain 500mg DHA, 250mg EPA & 4mg astaxanthin, making it one of the most powerful vegan omega-3s you can buy.

Shop Vim & Vigour here.

I’ve written a few guest unsponsored blogs for Bare Biology which you can read here,

If you have any questions about the product, or would like me to test something for you, do send an email.